We've turned on voting for Feedback/Ideas

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Hi there :wave:

We’re trying a bit of an experiment: you can now vote on ideas in the #feedback category :tada:

Hopefully this will help us see which ideas are super popular. That said, there’s no guarantee that we’ll prioritise things based on how many votes they have, but we think it’d be a useful indicator of what you feel most strongly about.

So please, get voting! And if this doesn’t work out - for whatever reason - we’ll disable it and go back to the old way of doing things :slightly_smiling_face:


Support for Samsung Pay
Bill splitting made simple 🎉

What’s the limit as to how many ideas/bugs you can vote on?
I’ve only voted few times (I think) but when it do I get a message saying something about only having X amount of votes left.

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How exactly?

Cannot see any vote button :eyes:



It’s at the top of any topic in the Bugs or Feedback & Ideas categories. i.e. above the OP’s post.

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Thank you.

Votes cast :grin:

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Definitely worth a go, time to get voting!


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It just got interesting!


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Good response so far it looks like? How does it look from your side?


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I know this is probably a community setting and might not be something you can control, but it isn’t very clear that voting is even a thing. If I hadn’t seen this thread (and the few times @gmclean has asked people to vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), I wouldn’t have known about it.

It doesn’t seem to follow the flow of the thread. You get the vote button at the top… but by the time you get to the end, after reading all the info, there is nothing there about voting at all. And then you have to scroll back to the top to place a vote.


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Hey, not THAT many!


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edited :sweat_smile:

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Is there any easy way by which we can view the threads with the most votes?



My initial feedback would be it’s too convoluted to vote and find the topics we can vote on.

There’s a recent “iPad App” topic, and you need to scroll through 3 years of posts to get back to the top - It’s not a lot TBH, but generally I’d avoid the topics which get resurrected after more than a year.

Like @nathanthomson8 said, if there was a better way to see what had been voted on, and how many votes had been cast etc, it would be better.


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I’ve searched for a few topics, that works.

Also view ‘Latest’ then reorder by Activity or Views helps bubble a few up as well.

I’ll second the ask for a ‘Votes’ column there!


(Jordan) #16

I like the idea as it can show what the forum as a collective are interested in. But it looks like it is just resurrecting threads that have been on the way out for some time. My “latest” is 3 or 4 threads that started in 2017 and have only had 1 or 2 comments every month or so.


(Thomas Allan) #17

If you go into the feedback category, there is a vote option at the top to sort by.


Currently leading with 34 votes is

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I’ve browsed by “latest” since day 1 pretty much. This has been perfect for me (and a lot of others I’ve spoken to).

If all of a sudden we have a load of threads with “ideas” in, that may have been discussed at length in other threads, it’s going to get very boring, very quickly.

90% of people don’t seem to know about the “search” option…


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Or click the title of the topic for it to scroll back to the top auto-magically :crystal_ball:

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(Thomas Allan) #20

:astonished: didn’t actually know this was there. Normally I just click on the date on the right nav bar to scroll back to the top.

My point was that by the time you get to the bottom of the thread, unless you know about voting, there is no indication at the end to say its even possible. Especially if the threads load up in the last read position.

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