Create Monzo Gift Certificates / Links

It’s Christmas! (Nearly) :christmas_tree:

I’m buying Christmas presents. But there’s always someone that I end up getting a gift voucher for.

Which had me thinking: what if I could create a link in Monzo (which you can already do :heavy_check_mark:) for someone to use at Christmas?

Then let’s make it nicer: let’s have a nice (Monzo generated) friendly URL - something like but for Monzo gifting?

And then let’s have the option to generate a lovely PDF (or even, for a fee, request a physical card) that can be emailed or printed out and put in a card.

And, finally, let’s have the option to have the money come out of a pot, so it’s safely set aside for the gift.

Too late for this Xmas, but for next year, Monzo?

:gift: :santa: :monzopride:

I’m suffering from déjà vu so if I’ve already posted this then I’m very sorry!

You could create a lovely PDF. Then send them a payment as they open it.

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I could, yes.

But I’d like to do it with one (or two) taps in Monzo. Great marketing tool. And really useful (for me, others’ mileage will vary).

Fair enough,.

There’s many other options, even physical mastercards available that do as you ask, tho admittedly not via two taps in Monzo.

I’m 99.9% certain there is no positive ROI as a marketing tool.

Cool. Last time I looked they all came with a fee - links to zero charge ones gratefully received!

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None are free, otherwise all would operate at a loss!

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Then I’m not sure why they’re being touted as an alternative. :thinking:

Anyway, this idea will appeal to some and not others. So vote away! :ballot_box: :raised_hands:

This already exists… There is the option to Send Money by link… You define how much, and they get the link - which they then enter their bank details in.

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Yes! I think I’m hoping that it could be built on fairly easily to create the nice (helpful) fluff around the edge (creating gift certificates etc). :crossed_fingers:

(Edit: have edited my first post to make that point clearer - thank you! :bowing_man:)

Because you have said “even for a fee, request a physical card” - That exists already via a third party.

As @michaelw90 states below, the other idea already exists. Here, within Monzo

But in the words of Bannatyne, I’m out.

I think, because it’s a link, you can style the email however you want … and then it’s just going through to the Monzo page.

Personally, I’d rather Monzo didn’t spend time making that page christmassy… but that’s just me.


Agree, but at the same time this is the sort of thing that would sit quite nicely under a Plus subscription.

I’ve used Monzo for years and I did not know about this, how did I miss this? That is actually awesome! if they would add integration with Messenger or Whatsapp etc, that would be just amazing!

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Perhaps a way to expand on the links more simply (potentially) could be to partner with an online card provider, such as funky pigeon or moonpig, and allow for one of those links to be generated in QR format within the card?

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