QR codes for paying Monzo users 💸

Hey guys -

I’m converting a lot of people to Monzo (not to difficult with a bright debit card) & I just thought of something, mainly based off WeChat in China.

Could Monzo potentially implement QR codes, unique to an individual, to send money from one Monzo account to another?

It works really well In China, wondered whether It would catch on within the Monzo eco-system?



You mean like this one?



You can always generate a QR code from your Monzo.me link… but I don’t see the point - isn’t it just easier to text the link or to send the $$$ directly from the Monzo app?

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Presumably depends on your name. (Personally I scan QR codes very rarely, and I actually believe that the QR code I posted above is quite literally the first one I ever scanned, because I wanted to test it actually works before appearing too smug :wink: , so I also don’t quite see the point, but there are a few monzo features that I don’t see the point of)

Well, Monzo isn’t ubiquitous. there are loads of people who could pay me via monzo.me using their debit card, but not via monzo app as they don’t want / don’t have / aren’t eligible for a monzo account.

I think being able to whip out your camera and scan an image is a lot easier than going through a contact / phone number process.

Could even incorporate the QR code into the profile image of a persons monzo account, similar to snapchat and Facebook messenger!


I like the idea of showing a QR code (or similar) on my screen for the other person to scan actually, especially if it can generate one with the amount and comment I can put in as part of monzo.me. The alternative, without knowing the other person’s contact details (or sending a link by AirDrop on iOS), is for them to enter their card details on your phone, but some might be uncomfortable with this.

IIRC, QR codes that feature images or are unusual shapes are not within the specification/guidelines of the standard and, as such, are much more error-prone. Places quite often get round this by having a higher percentage of error correction (i.e. redundant additional data) but this makes the barcode much more complicated and a bit ropey in detection still.

Snapchat and Messenger seem to be using their own bespoke barcoding, not your typical two-dimensional barcode like QR, and are only read by their own apps, so they have a lot more leeway in how they work.

Perhaps adding NFC monzo.me links would be possible too! (For Android users at least :wink:)

That’d be even quicker than launching the camera haha :smiley:

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We’ve been having a lot of fun experimenting with these kinds of things lately. Because Monzo.me links are fairly simple URLs you can build yourself, there’s a lot of scope to come up with your own things that work on both platforms!

As an example, I have an NFC Ring where the inner NFC tag contains (among other things) an NDEF record that points to my Monzo.me URL. That way, I can just tap it against Android devices to bring up the Monzo app to pay me. :smile:


Well sure if you use QR codes regularly, but for a lot of people it’s the ballache of finding a decent free QR code app, installing & running it, then scanning it, vs. clicking on a hyperlink in an sms.

The monzo app I suppose could embed a scanner but that feels a bit too much like feature creep to me.


At least on android this is dead simple:

  1. get any of the million qr code generators (this seems good)
  2. open monzo, get and share your link.
  3. choose the app as share target and you get a nice qr code.
  4. Save it on your phone if you wish to keep/re-use it, or just show it whomever you want to show it on your screen.

No need for an app even, just Google for any of the thousands online QR code generators available. :+1:t2:

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True. But the advantage of having an app is that you can share to it.

If you want to generate personalised qr codes regularly, that’s quite convenient :slight_smile:

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  1. open monzo, share your link
  2. select sms or email
  3. There is no step 3.

This also avoids the person at the other end having to go through the same steps… every phone supports clicking on a link.

I’m struggling to see any situation that QR codes make easier, which is why they’ve basically died out.


Fully agree with you! (especially because I don’t know anyone who actually has a qr code scanner on their phone.) But if others find other workflows easier, than good for them :man_shrugging: .

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A “hidden” feature of iOS 11 is that the native camera app now supports QR codes for the (very rare) case you need it. :wink: