Monzo friends Birthdays 🎈

It’d be pretty cool if, on your friends birthday, you sent them money there was an altered notification to them and perhaps a little animation when they open it if you’ve sent them some money for their birthday.

Sort of like a electronic birthday card :balloon:

Just a small but cool little feature that would be nice to have :blush::birthday:


Yes, this would be awesome! I often send cash on birthdays / christmas / weddings, it would be great to also attach an ecard.


Potential GDPR violation?

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Don’t think it’s being recommended to tell people when their birthday is. Just animate it on the recipient’s side… :slight_smile:


I can’t see any GDPR violation here.

If you’re sending the money for that purpose, you already know.

The only person seeing the animation is the person whose birthday it is, so I can’t see how that violates anything.

And you’re assuming any animation is being triggered by the DOB being read from the account details - but it could be by calling the reference “Birthday money” or something like that.


Fair points.

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Only if the animation could be Hot Chip with a birthday hat on :hot_coral_heart:


When sending a payment there could be a simple toggle to mark the payment as a gift. This would then trigger the animation/message on the recipients side.

Definitely sounds like a fun idea. I’m picturing confetti :confetti_ball:.
Kind of makes me wish I had friends with Monzo!