Time for e-gift cards

Yesterday I used a unique service from my canadian bank. It allows you to create an e-gift and send a card to your friend for his/her birthday or whatever by being able to customize the card, choose the activity that the person is going to use to “unwrap” the ecard!! It was awesome! I think e-gift cards are great!

Voted! Cool idea.

Thank you James! Yes I find it cool as well!

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Why do you want your bank to supply this?

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Isn’t this basically like an old school cheque?

I note that Revolut “launched” exactly this suggestion a week or two back. Got an email at the time and it took me a while to work out that it was a wrapper around an intra-bank transfer

Cannot say it was something I was that fussed about either way on hearing they were doing it, so pretty much the same feeling for :mondo: with the addition that I would prefer them to be working on other things


Ain’t this just the vanilla visa&mastercard every single supermarket in the UK sells? Where you by X amount pay the 1.95 free on top and bang you can give a card to anyone with that loaded on it?

Now with the content of the email, folded away below, if you want to know more about “Revolut Gifting”


Introducing Gifting

The fun easy way to send personalised digital gifts

Hi Michael,

Finding the right present for someone can be tricky especially if you’re not sure what they’d like. Revolut Gifting is here to help make that a little easier!

You can now create and send digital gifts in-app with just a few taps. Once you’ve set the amount to give, it’s time to personalise it. Choose from a wide selection of fun animated covers and add a personal message to make them smile.

It’s easy to send gifts to friends outside of Revolut too. We’ll send them an email to let them know that their gift will be waiting when they create an account.

Fun animated covers

Think of them as digital wrapping paper! The images here are a little taste of what to expect, and you can view the whole selection in-app.

Easy to make, fun to receive

Making your gift is easy and it arrives instantly. You can also schedule your gift so that it arrives on a certain date – we’ll make sure it gets to them on time.

Personalised messages and ‘thank you’ notes

You can add a personal message and even send and receive animated thank you notes.

How to get started:

:gift: Make sure your app is updated to the latest version (7.8).

:gift: Send a gift from the Gifts widget in Plans, or directly from the Payments tab.

:gift: Send 2 gifts a month with Standard, or unlimited on all Premium and Metal plans!

Yep, that’s basically how I picture it.

A drag-down to open (similar to get paid early function) e-card with a brief message of your choosing.

A cheque for the modern age… Which is why I’d want my bank to supply this.

Oh OK. I missed the bit about the boring bank transfer being involved.

You’re not the type to ‘tap to say thanks’ are you :sweat_smile:

Well a month ago I bought a gift card from a store and I gave it to my friend for his birthday. Two days ago My Canadian friend gave birth and I wanted to send them money. This e-gift card was great because of the customization and the activities that the other person does in order to get and “unwrap” the egift card. It is great for recognition, for gifts!

I have no clue how was the old paycheques

Yeap it seems similar! Why Revolut is moving quicker with some ideas than monzo?

Because Monzo don’t rush to churn out the same stuff we’ve been putting up with from legacy banks all our lives. It’s what I like about them.

Back on topic though. If people want this feature that’s fine but I personally think it’s very dated and of limited use.

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Revolut has this feature now - I noticed it the other day. Has anyone used it? I was wondering how it worked.

Surely they don’t just get an email with card info to use?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheque has more info. Most legacy banks provide a book of them. I’ve got one for my legacy building society current account. It’s a way to provide a bit of paper that can be unwrapped with the money transferred to your account when you deposit it in your own account. Only the payee can use it.

I feel like I am missing something here - is this just the same as sending someone a bank transfer but in a pretty wrapper?

I think it’s just a bank transfer but with having to sit through annoying twee animations in order to receive it (a bit like the pay early thing).

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I think so.

"To Rob,

Happy Birthday!! :cake:

I don’t trust the postman, so here’s £20. Just input this into your banking app and the money will appear in your account.

Account: 34812959
Sort Code: 10-01-10

Lots of love,


Much easier than a cheque.

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