Basically my friend had asked for money for their birthday, aside from the usual “cash in a birthday card” a few of us gifted by transfer or

I thought rather than having to send on the day, it would have been nice to “send” a few days in advance, with a “release to account” on her birthday (like a delayed release). Maybe as a gift with a little message (thoughts of a present icon in app to click to “open”.

After thinking of this, I thought the idea would also work well on Christmas for family or friends gifting money to be able to do this in advance rather than transfering money on Christmas day or other holiday day - wake up Christmas morning to “gift” notifications to open with a message or something.

Basically if it’s my friends birthday on Friday, I can send the money Tuesday, but my friend won’t receive this until Friday (or even if they can see a locked gift that can’t be opened until Friday). Surprise and I don’t have to worry about it on the morning :blush:

I just wondered if this would be something you guys would find useful or want?

It could be a similar mechanic to dragging your money into your wallet for the “get paid a day early” feature - would be nice to pull on a little bow and open a gift or something.

Nice idea! Monzo could be a great platform for Gifting money/Fundraising


I think this would be a fantastic idea. I often send money as gifts through transfers so by making the feature more 'gift ’ friendly would be great!


I like this idea :+1:t2: My Mum often sends me money for my Birthday and a little animation would be fun. Or a way to send it to an extern account using the same concept as the pay someone function. Which I really like, although can see some people seeing it as spam!