Not suitable Applications?


Following a topic over on starling today about their verison of gambling block, the conversation moved on to highlighting customers “rejected” from accounts based on credit score and past so wouldn’t even get to the feature (exactly prime user of new features like Gam block )

I just wondered do monzo ever have to reject new accounts based on credit history?
If an automated rejection happens, do you agree a “user” should be able to “appeal”?

I ask this because often peope’s past mistakes can really hold barriers! For example, mental health or very low income families etc get left behind with basic accounts, but miss out on features like what more “advanced” accounts (like monzo/starling etc) have to aid that exact type of user.

(Simon B) #2


We want to be completely inclusive, and in fact build tools to cater all pockets of users, whether they be vulnerable customers, or people who traditionally struggle to get bank accounts like refugees, new immigrants, etc :grinning:


Exactly what I thought !

To put in context, on starling beta I couldn’t get an account, and have been rejected again. Just wanted to see the features they keep launching in comparison.

They are looking into why I’m not suitable by the auto application!


Is it an issue identifying you? Wouldn’t think they’d hard credit check but might be wrong


Single address for over 10 years, on elect reg, no cifas marks, no name changes. Only hurdle is marks from past :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you checked your credit reports to see if your address is listed exactly the same as the one you gave them?


Yep will wait and see what response I get, was just curious on monzo requirements for bank accounts. Be sad to see if starling are refusing some customers, if they are most prob wouldn’t openly speak out about it !

(Ghost) #8

I was actually rejected for the same reason, marks from 2015 which are still affecting me to this day.

I’m the same, just wanted to test out the competition, but obviously Monzo is the only one for me!

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Ah 2021 will be here before you know it and they’ll disappear from your credit record.

(Ghost) #10

I can’t wait lol, will be amazing to finally have great credit again.


Life changes fast, life is short

Access to features that aren’t credit based and designed to help people manage money shouldn’t be restricted to people doing a good job already surely?


Have you got this sorted out yet or any kind of answer?


Had a couple of messages asking for my details, then got one last night saying should hear something next week.

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Wow, they wouldn’t even go this far with me! “nope, sorry you didn’t pass the automated checks, try again in the future”

Nah I’m OK, but thanks


It was only after I posted on their forums about a new feature and why it wouldn’t work for me. Then pointed out that features like this were not required, if the type of user they are aiming at (like me) cannot even open an account.

(Simmy) #16

Surely its discrimination if any given bank refuses an account for low income or mental health issues


Issue is during application process they wouldn’t know, and would purely go by “score” using argument its a business, and people with debt, bad history etc would not make business scene to have as customer etc.

I guess banks need you to be in money, to make money?

It’s more the approach of giving no access at all that seems to be very unfair and not very with the times, it’s like legacy bank approach!

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Certain banks must over a basic bank account to all unless it would be illegal to do so.

(Ghost) #19

Couldn’t agree more. I did message linking to this thread and asked if I could have my application looked in to and have just been ignored since Thursday… so we’ll see lol.


Yes, but Starling and Monzo are not one of the banks obliged to do so.