ID verification


Is there any other way to verify my account than sending you video of myself saying that I want a Monzo account?
I feel that this is a bit weird and don’'t feel comfortable doing this.
I would be happy with any standard/traditional methods of verification.

I just had a quick look at how your competition is verifying identity and they require photo of my ID and a photo of me, which is much more reasonable.


New banks like Atom require a video


Don’t know about Atom, just checked the Revolut.

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I would email support but afaik unless there is an accessibility reason you can’t do it, they do require it. Either way, send an email - someone will be able to clarify for you :slight_smile:


Anybody can send a photo of you but getting a weird video of you asking for their account is much safer as it near impossible for someone else to get that

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This method is a lot safer and more secure - if that video was stolen or leaked or whatever nobody would be able to put it to much use

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Can you articulate more specifically about why you feel discomfort with this? Is there are particular scenario you are concerned will happen? What is the worst thing that could possibly happen if you do send the video and how likely do you think it is to happen?


I don’t think Revolut has their full banking licence yet?

Correct me if this is out of date


I can understand your thought about it being uncomfortable, I did my video in the toilets at Monzo office as I felt a bit weird doing it in front of 200 people at an open office event. In the end, I feel I needn’t have worried. Take the jump down the rabbit hole, you will find wonders on the other side. If not, contact Monzo and see what they say.

The difference between Monzo and Revolut is that Monzo is an authorised bank and Revolut is an authorised electronic money institution. Most banks need to see you and your ID unless you have a very good electronic paper trail through your credit file and address as well as your ID.

Financial Services Register - Revolut
Financial Services Register - Monzo


As a further question to this…
Does Monzo outsource their verification process? I.E. When I create my video and take a photo of my ID is it being verified by a 3rd party company? What protections are in place with regards to my personal data.

Anyone able to shed some light, thanks a lot.

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Hey @jmcl1 :slight_smile:

The best place for you to look would probably be here: Handling of PII regarding ID verification

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

#12 is a press release about the outsourcing


I am not sure Jumio verifies the video - Jumio has automated technology to parse pictures of ID cards but I’d be really surprised if they suddenly either 1) hired people to recognize videos specifically for Monzo, or 2) developed a face-recognition system to automatically verify videos.

As far as I know videos are processed manually by Monzo employees and matched against the name and photo on your ID.