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Hello, my name is Carl. I phoned up Monzo a few weeks ago but as I do not possess a driving licence or a passport, I was unable to join up. I’m actually 54 years old and have had a Nat West bank account for roughly 35 years, but this is deemed insufficient proof of ID. The person I spoke to did say that Monzo was looking at ways to make it easier to join up. So could any Monzo folk reading this tell me if this is likely to happen any time soon? Thanks!


Do you not have a passport?

Edit… I see you don’t.

I would get a provisional driving licence (£34).

I wouldn’t expect anything from Monzo in the short term (just a guess, I know they are working on it).


Unfortunately I don’t think there is anyway around the photo ID requirement currently. Did Monzo say you would get a call back? It may well be worth asking in writing via email support ( they may be able to give a time scale if they are planning any alternative methods. Email route gives them a bit more time for a definitive response :slight_smile:

Hope you find a way to come on board soon :sunny:

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How on earth is it possible to get to the age of 54 without a passport or driving licence? I’ve needed both several times in the past few months!

Also sorry I realise this add’s absolutely zero value to your question. I was just in slight shock!


Simple! I choose not to drive, and while I went abroad to France for my honeymoon with a temporary passport in 1985, I haven’t been abroad since. So, not much need for a passport, or indeed, a driving licence!

I didn’t think that this was so strange, but maybe I am some kind of social freak, who needs to be weeded out from 21st-century banking!

Excuse my mocking tone, but this issue has cropped up before, and I do feel that I am being penalised for what are lifestyle choices.


I personally think that if the issue has cropped up before, it shouldn’t come as a surprise it’s cropped up again.

Paying £34 for the driving licence is probably the cheapest and easiest way to go here.

It’s effectively the premium of those conscious decisions not to have a passport or full driving licence.

But, as always, you have a choice if you want to do it :blush:


I respect your choice, wish I knew a way to offer a more helpful reply. Would you be kind enough to keep us posted on your route after this? :slight_smile:


Thanks, Nick, that sounds like a workable plan. £34 is not too much, so long as the fact that I have absolutely no intention of driving a car doesn’t get in the way.


Nope, you just need to show them the provisional licence (and it’ll come in handy for anything else).

No need to actually drive! That’s what the cheauffeur is for :wink:


Definitely worth it, an account like monzo might help you save more than £34 to compensate with the tools in the app !


Also worth adding the provisional licence will last for 10 years - So it’s a good investment!


Yes, will do. I shall investigate the Provisional Licence option and keep you all posted.

Thanks for your help, folks! At least I’ve got a possible route forward.


Sadly I had to let the chauffeur go last year. The DWP doesn’t extend ESA to cover hired staff, the heartless brutes!


There is a probably a bit of scope for monzo to increase its documentation while remaining KYC compliant

It’s doing it in a nice secure way - for the high street incumbents it’s doing it in a branch but I’m sure there’s ways and means monzo could digitise the process and keep it all slick


Hope you get things sorted…after a very bad break up from the ex, she destroyed my passport , driving license and birth cert. Even my Xbox (which hurt me more). Banks just don’t trust anyone these days, even with DL , birth certificate and payslips , Barclays & NatWest and starling turned me down, so I’ll be pushing monzo big style and aiming to shut those others down (joke)

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