Accepted ID for Account Opening

(Jonathon) #1

Do both provisional and full driver’s licenses work as ID for the current account?

The Monzo Current Account Preview
The Monzo Current Account Preview
(Terry) #2

I would expect so, a provisional driving licence is an official form of ID.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

They allowed driving licenses for the preview :+1: (screenshot from my invite) -


(Hugh) #4

Incorrect. It is not (for some weird reason): (see the bottom)

(Sy) #5

That is only for the Bona Vacantia division of the gov legal dept dealing with company issues, and is the ID that they accept from companies and individuals in corporate legal matters. It is nothing to do with private individuals applying for bank accounts or other financial services.


Where driving licences are accepted most organisations seem to disallow provisional licences and require a full UK driving licence.

I know i sound like a broken record, but i’d really like an official answer from Monzo on whether people without photo ID will be able to get an account.

A recent Electoral Commision report puts the number of electors (section 4.10) without passport or driving licence at 11 million (24%), many of whom will be poorer so could benefit from Monzo’s budgeting and low/no fee features. Will they be left to suffer legacy banks creaking services and high charges?

(Adam) #7

Provisional licenses can be used. On the first CA signup event there where several people with the green cards and they had no issues signing up

(Jonathon) #8

Great, thanks! It would just mean popping back home for my passport and I’d rather not the hassle :slight_smile:

As a total last resort I have my police warrant card - which should really be accepted as ID but it’s not too common. It’s worth a shot sometimes.

(Jonathon) #9

I find that really bizzare - some places have this rule but I haven’t ever worked out quite why this is - both have the same application process/checks and both of them have to have address updated legally. Quite bizarre.


When I signed up for my legacy bank account I was allowed to use my provisional license as it was the only form of ID I had. They weren’t happy about accepting it but they eventually did. You are right though, we need an official answer from a Monzo member of staff


I don’t have my passport yet but I have my french id card and a provisional driving licence. Would that be ok? The invite says driving licence but mine is provisional still, would hate to miss out because of that

(Sy) #12

Other questions people may ask re ID for account opening. Would Monzo accept expired passports or only those with 3 months to run like most banks? If using a non-EU passport do you need it to have a valid Visa in it?

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #13

Sounds like we need an acceptable ID list!

(Sy) #14

Yes and No. A list of definately acceptable ID yes, but not limit it just to those ID. They should have ability to accept unlisted ID if in their discretion it is suitable. i.e. not just DVLA docs but DVLNI too, not just Driving License but Drivers Card too (this also photo ID but for lorry drivers), EU identity cards as well as passports, Police Warrant cards, Military ID cards, Seafarers card (internationally recognised by IMO), ISIC/ITIC etc cards, British Telecom staff photo ID…with a proviso where ID is not one on the standard list extra ID not necessarily photo ID needs to be shown as well. The whole point of AML and KYC is to verify who someone is without needing to be a prescriptive tickbox exercise

(Sy) #15

I think the reason was historically you got a provisional license almost on trust with whatever you wrote on your form as your ID was only verified by presenting documents on the day you did your driving test. Since the advent of a photocard driving license they check your passport or national insurance details for verification so provisional and full licenses now go thru the same level of checks

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #16

Don’t Monzo use a third party for ID verification? They must have some sort of acceptance criteria.

I can see the problem with accepting relatively rare forms of ID is that it is harder to ensure they are genuine, especially via a phone picture. N26 verifiers have an interactive session with you and you have to move the ID to allow them to see the anti-counterfitting measures. I was surprised at how easy the Monzo verification was in contrast.

(Sy) #17

They said they were going to use a 3rd party, but I am not sure if that is in place yet. And it will be for online applications but not for face to face applications in their office

(knows someone who knows Tom quite well) #18

We all did online verification even though we were at the office. The only reason for being there was to (have a beer) and physically pick up the card.

(Sy) #19

Fidor like N26 also use a 3rd party but have constant complaints about certain ID not being accepted. Monese have taken the route of not seeking just to see certain ID documents and tick off the box but trying to ID the person not the documents so they do it in house and if an applicant does not have the usual passport say but a migrant ID or a Post Office staff photo ID they will then ask for other docs like a rental agreement or pay slips etc and try and get a feel for the person and sufficient docs to make them satisfied or not. They comply with the intention of the law rather than just with a process

(Sy) #20

So what if you rarely travel and your passport expired a year or two ago? Do you have to renew your passport to open the bank account?