ID accepted for account creation for a 16 year old

(Andy) #21

Honestly I don’t know. It could have been 16 but it was 12 years ago so I’ve forgotton most of the ins and outs of the law

(Liam W) #22

I’m 20, and I do have both a passport and a provisional license, but that’s a special case in my family. The passport was paid for by my grandmother and the provisional license using money saved for me by my grandmother.

My other siblings simply don’t have the means to buy a passport, and, while there’s a long time between now and when they’re 16, I’m not sure that they will need one - they definitely can’t afford to go abroad any time soon.


It is pretty standard to issue ID cards to kids aged 12 in many European countries. Some EU countries issue ID cards for kids aged 2 or 3. All are voluntary for kids and free of charge in many countries. :smile:

Brits always scream privacy when ID cards are mentioned but fail to see some positives. Of course, kids from privileged backrounds will be fine, so we should stop making a fuss …:disappointed_relieved::cry:

(Peter Roberts) #24

I could never afford any of them. They were thousands of pounds - I always felt pretty self conscious about that!


A provisional driving license will cost £34 so not a massive amount for a nice credit card sized ID.

(Tony) #26

I disagree, £34 to some is a large amount to find just so they can open a bank account.

(Liam W) #27

Plus you’ve got to pay for photos, and find/pay someone that can authenticate them if you don’t have a passport before you apply for the license.


Can photos not be taken on a phone and submitted like that?

(Andy) #31

First first time passport applications they need to be professionally printed photos and countersigned. Renewals can be digital now.


I’m 90% sure driving license photos can be sent digitally, even for a first license.

(Andy) #33

I’m not sure. Mine has always been pulled from my passport

(Jack) #34

I think it’s important to remember ID is required for lots of things these days not just opening a bank account. For example my employer asked to see my passport or driving license when I started.

I think it’s worth it for situations that may arise if it’s only £30-£40. No point quibbling about it. It’s not Monzo’s fault.

Although I appreciate they are doing what they can to move forward in this area

(Peter Roberts) #35

IMO it shouldn’t be something you have to pay for, like emergency health care

Edit: in other words, I think both these things are essential


my friend’s kid could not start a job until they got a passport. their employer insisted on a passport or driving license before they could start work.

(Jack) #37

Employers now have to prove your a british citizen or not I beilive

(Jack) #38

That’s a fair point. Goes back to the discussion about national ID Cards.
But that’s for another discussion

(Andy) #39

They have to confirm that you have the right to work in the UK

(Jack) #40

Sorry, yes that’s it!

(Andy) #41

If you’re a British citizen without a passport then all you need is your NINO letter which you can print off for free any time from your HMRC personal tax account and your full birth certificate


and recruitment agencies now ask for passport or driving licence as part of their obligations to check your entitlement to work in the UK