Icon for Bodycare

(Michael Burt) #1

This retailer icon is rather odd, don’t you think?

(Starling Guru) #2

Twitter account maybe?

(Jack) #3


Reminds me of this:

(Starling Guru) #4

And linked to that was

I wonder if Monzo are using them…

(Jack) #5

@HughWells, the above may be of interest?

(Andy) #6

I once accidentally submitted


More worryingly it was accepted and no matter how many times I’ve resubmitted it’s not been changed to he correct one

(Nick Taylor) #7

I had a pharmacy come up as Entertainment one time…


Could be, depending what you buy :grin:

(Nick) #9

Are you saying they don’t sell jokes over the counter?!


I’m sorry son
But we don’t stock
Party gimmicks
In this shop
Try the House of Fun
It’s quicker if you run
This is a chemist
Not a jokers’ shop!


I mentioned this to the team on Twitter the other day but the random lady is still in my feed :joy: