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What’s wrong with Ben & Jerry’s besides a repertoire of completely sickening flavours that are way inferior to Haagen-Dazs?

(I know, I’m bringing in the controversial views here today! Can’t wait for my own Telegraph article on disliking B&J and sweet popcorn)


They’re trying to link Monzo to B&J in terms of a “woke culture” but its a poor link

Their cookie dough is my favourite ice cream!

They’re probably one of those most controversial brands these days. There’s a lot of political activism from the company. They have their own established political opinions and ideology as an entity. They’re as much a political activist organisation as an ice cream brand at this point, and buying their ice cream is often seen as an endorsement of their views. That’s about the gist of their controversies in a nutshell.

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I mean, this is what I would expect from a company where one of their best known flavours is ‘Cherry Garcia’. It’s a feature, not a bug. :wink:


Interesting, it’s the first time I have come across B&J linked with political activism. Maybe I am not following the news enough.

Their cookie dough is the only ice cream they make that I can eat without my tastebuds thinking I am eating poison. However, once it gets to my stomach things change and I end up curled into a ball with cramps.

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I should note, my explanation is offered without opinion on what they’re doing.

I still buy their ice cream every week, which should tell you all you need to know about where I am on that :slight_smile:

Their dog ice cream is the real controversy IMO. But for now, they’re only able to get away with selling that in the US, Which are a bit behind us here in actually caring about what we feed our pets.

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I think probably you have to know that the company was founded by hippies - see above reference to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. There have an “Issues we care about” page on their website that outlines their ‘social mission’, as they call it.

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There’s quite a few political and social controversies on their Wikipedia page.

The only two I’d heard of before because I saw them in sky news was the Australasian same sex marriage protest (which I thought was rather clever) where customers can’t order 2 scoops of the same flavour. And the recent Mount Rushmore tweet:

Turns out their HQ is also built on indigenous land, and another social activist group called on them to give it to the tribe whose land it’s built on.

I’ve recently discovered Birthday Cake Ben & Jerrys and it tastes amazing. It has chunks of sponge in it :yum:

Also nobody actually questions whether it’s your birthday or not so you can eat it whenever :sweat_smile:

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I like phish food :tropical_fish:


I don’t like saying the name of my favourite Ben and Jerry’s flavour. Not since I mentioned it innocently and then someone told me the truth about the origin of the name. Netflix and Chill’d. Peanut butter ice cream with pretzel swirls and brownie pieces, yum.

Okay, but … can you make Ice Cream in an air frier?!


The new posh Magnums are elite. The popcorn one especially!

Depends how runny you like it.

You can deep fry ice cream, so what’s different with it being air fried?! :thinking:

Air fried Alaska, anyone?

Of course it bloody exists. Air Fryer Brownie Baked Alaska | Air Frying Foodie

I did a Google search. The results astounded me:

(I mean, genuinely. I thought I’d just find pages saying “ha ha no, that would be silly”)

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Can’t bring myself to try them.

The caramelised biscuit magnum types from Aldi are pretty good! £2.29 for 3 I think, they lasted around 5 hours :joy:

Go to Scotland, they’ll deep fry anything you ask them to! :joy: