Ice Cream

Sure. I get it. I remember thinking like that when I was 8 and I wanted ice cream… god I love ice cream!

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I always want ice cream, it’s my Achilles heel. After I stopped eating sugar I had to throw all the ice cream out of the house.

All I wanted today was a pot of Ben & Jerry’s…


Phish Food FTW (right, shut up, this’ll get flagged for being off-topic!)


Now we can talk forever about it.

Cookie Dough
Phish Food

Absolutely the best.

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I think this is the 3rd ice cream topic

This forum loves ice cream :ice_cream:

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For the vegans amongst us who can’t have the aforementioned Phish Food, I can wholeheartedly recommend B&J’s Non-Dairy Chocolate Fudge Brownie as an alternative. :star_struck:

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These are beautiful.

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This is my saviour in this hot weather.

I love a good old fashioned vanilla soft scoop with a bit of honey drizzled over it. Keep all your fancy flavours I say.

I never liked soft scoop after I found out it was full of oil.

A good quality vanilla ice cream, pods and all though…mmmmmm

I get that I just like the nostalgia of soft scoop. When we as kids the ice cream man would go past playing the tune and mum would say “your not having that over priced rubbish there’s ice cream in the freezer, have that instead”
I now do the same with my kids :joy::joy:

We talking Mr Whippy here or the good old stuff?

Good old stuff out a tub from your own freezer. Usually a supermarket own brand back when i was a kid.

Read my mind :exploding_head:

Maybe a Baked Alaska on the odd occasion too for that white chocolate fix :smiley:

I’ve just eaten a 1 litre tub of Vanilla that I made myself (money saving!). Though I feel a bit sick now, and got to be up at 5.30am for powerlifting. Ice cream is high in calcium and protein (which sounds good if you ignore the fat and sugar)

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