Egg Nogg

Anybody else like egg nogg?
Lovely drink, I don’t like the alcohol version though.

Is it in any of the major supermarkets? Last year we had to get it over priced from amazon

I love egg nog - but with booze in. Just had a quick fly around the main supermarkets and none of them sell it. It may have to be Amazon again.

And NO - it is not the same as Advocaat!


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Nah egg nog is nasty stuff :joy:

Honestly can say, never tried it. Despite the fact that it’s a medieval british drink.

Just no!!!


Fresh egg nog is always for sale in any Whole Foods. I buy it every Christmas, nom nom! The whole foods version is full of cream and nutmeg.

I guess whole foods isn’t a major retailer though…


Never tried it. Looking at what is in it, I don’t think I ever will.

Haven’t tried it, but I love Zabaione/Sabajón which is similar to Advocaat. (Actually I’m not sure they are not the same thing)

Well, sort of. Zabaglioni is a pudding really whereas Egg Nog is a drink. R-

Advocaat - yuck

not constructive, I know

Make yer own?

I’ve never tried it never really appealed to me mind :man_shrugging:

We’ve been making it every Christmas for the last few years. Always goes down a treat!


Is it easy to make? Are they marshmallow on top?

It’s utterly hideous at the best of times but buying premade stuff the beggars belief. Why would you do that to yourself?!

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Best way to describe it is like pancake mixture or melted ice cream I think it’s lovely

Mmmmm, raw batter and ruined ice cream, two things people love to eat!

You don’t think melted ice cream is good ? Each to their own :crazy_face:

Well, I like it but I’m not going to keep saying so. Bugger! :grinning: R-