I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?


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Carbon! Because everyone likes a nice weave
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We’re planning to launch a business current account
(Leon) #2

I like it well done! :grin: I don’t think Monzo will have have the account number and sort code on the card. Apart from that it’s a nice looking card.

(Eve) #3

I think if it’s going to be blue it should match the dark blue in the Monzo logo instead of a slight gradient! I guess this can be the muted alternative for people who think the bright colour is childish/ unmanly (not my opinion, but you get the occasional complaint)


Well done on your effort but I am sorry to say it’s just another boring card. Hot Coral stands out but this one will just get lost in sea of blue cards already out there.

(Ben Green) #5

Nooooo! I get a lot of remarks about the hot coral, most commonly “you wouldn’t lose that in a dark alley”

It is actually nice design, but it’s lost its personality when compared with the current hot coral design.

(Allie) #6

The Mastercard logo is the wrong size, the chip I think is slightly off too and it’s just a boring normal bank debit card.

Those are my honest thoughts…

Ooh and your spacing of design elements isn’t terribly aesthetically pleasing. Mainly the Monzo logo. Too much space below it for how crowded the rest of the card is.

(Jack Donovan) #7

I don’t like it… Sorry :frowning:

And it looks a bit like the Monese card…

(which I also don’t like)

(Matt) #8

Wow, It looks like Monzo but as if it’s grown up, absolutely love it!

(Herp Derp) #9

I like it, I’d use it.


It looks a bit amateur.

(Allie) #11

Now, if Monese used little bits of EL wire or something to actually create glowing patterns (though they couldn’t be exactly like those obviously), then I’d love that design. As-is? Nah.

Plus it’s a Visa, poor exchange rates.

(Jack Donovan) #12

Unless it was some sort of debit card with a digital front… Cost too much though I expect :sweat_smile:

(connorianreilly) #13

I think it’s awesome that you’ve mocked something up … but

I’m really not a fan. Keep it simple. I would vote for hot-coral or one jet black.

(Jack Donovan) #14

+1 for jet Black

(Richard) #15

Another for jet black…

Could chuck in some Hot Coral lines to mix it up…


The blue looks just like any other bank such as RBS, and the wavy lines on it are reminiscent of Monese.

The Hot Coral card is a unique identifier for Monzo, scrap it and it one more reason to consider going elsewhere.


If people love blue than this has to be a better option which Actually @Danny suggested ages ago;

Personally, I think there are way too many shades of blue out there so Hot Coral is great as it is now :slight_smile:

We’re planning to launch a business current account

that one looks black to me


Please we don’t want that famous ‘dress colour’ debate :joy:


FYI Monese use Mastercard, that is a very old stock image from their launch days. Now both the purple GBP card and white EUR card have the latest Mastercard logo