I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Eduard) #145

I’ve been with Monzo for a long time (since they first launched on Android) but my main gripe is the card’s color. :roll_eyes:
It’s one of the main reasons why I use Revolut more.
Totally hate the “hot color” trends out there. The TransferWise cards look like radioactive barf. Will never get one :sweat_smile:
Like others said, it would be nice to choose from at least one other color. Some of us are a bit more conservative when it comes to certain things. I’d definitely love a matte black card.
I’d pay for the possibility to get a custom card. :wink:

(Daniel White) #146

What about using one of these darker card designs for the Joint Account to help distinguish the difference?

Although I’m still in the “2 cards is not very fintech” camp!

(Kieren) #147

I have to admit the card in the initial post does look more formal/acceptable for business…I am in the camp of “but half the fun is people commenting on the colour”

One thing I would love to see though, is an appearance from Hot Chip… Say something like Hot Chip on a globe (to represent the global use) and a slogan like “Monzo makes the world go round” - I would mock it up but I don’t have a graphics software to do it in…

(Nick) #148

Slightly off-topic but related to my post above: Ulster Bank is doing portrait banknotes and obviously I APPROVE.

(Tom ) #149

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(Patrick) #150

I do like the colour of the current card - but I think it’s bogging Monzo down. I was out for dinner with some friends the other night, when it came to paying and we all got our cards out I got, ‘That’s flourecent!’ from the UK people at the table

  • But a confused, ‘That’s/It’s a travel card…’ (as in, ‘why do you have that?’) From the non-Brits.

I think it’s mostly recognised as a pre-paid card or a travel card and that puts people who know about it off. Maybe a re-design or another (or several) option for the card design should be considered?

(Tony) #151

You are asking Monzo to redesign the card simply to appease people who are aware of Monzo from when it was pre-paid but (for whatever reason) know nothing about it being a proper current account now?

IMO, the better option is that we (as those who are more informed) simply educate those people and move on, not for Monzo to fritter away thousands on a re-brand, with the loss of an attribute (the hot coral card) which is unique to Monzo’s identity.

(Leon) #152

Hmmmm if Monzo the brand is so weak that it has to stand on a pink looking card, then that says more about the bank then it does the person complaining about it.

(Dominic Adshead) #153

personally i dont think it is pink enough, when i see someone tapping out of the tube with one it always catches my eye, there is no mistaking them, i feel a sudden sense of affiliation with that person, bizarre i know.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #154

C’mon. That’s a leap. This is a bank that saw the desire to have a very boring every day item (a debit card) go viral amongst a certain demographic and arguably become one of the hottest pieces of advertising real estate across the country last year. The bank has spent virtually zero on advertising and the amount spent by the bank to acquire each of the nearly 1,000,000 customers signing up in record time has also been almost zero. They put that down pretty much to the colour of the debit card. It’s not a weak brand. It’ll be studied in the marketing and advertising industry for years.

(Leon) #155

I never said the Monzo brand was weak, I think you’d better read it again. If your going to go to the trouble of quoting me at least quote all of it not the bit that suites your narrative. As when the full facts come out it doesn’t look good…

I said and I quote “If the Monzo brand is so weak that it has to stand on a pink looking card, then that says more about the bank then the person complaining.” I stand by the above and remember the if at the start of my sentence.

This is definitely my personal bias showing now but I can’t stand the colour of the card, does it stop me from using the bank? No, but it’s a sore point for me and I hope Monzo will design a more conventional card in the near future.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

(Uatu) #157



My idea transparent and vertical…

(I have a master’s in Photoshop so no dissin’ my creative skills)

(Only available in amateur ) #159

Where you putting the card number, magnetic strip, signature and CVV?


I’ll memorise then or just print them under the logo in a little font? Not thought that far…

(Stu Greenham) #161

The coral is so unique and I receive so many comments on the brightness and how cool the card is. Please don’t ever change it Team Monzo :smiley:

(Simon B) #162

The majority of our users now are actually people who never even had a prepaid, which I think is pretty impressive considering it’s only been a few months since we shut down the prepaid scheme.

So I think this perception will fade out pretty quickly to the groups of people that still identify us as such.

(Richard) #163

Happened when I first got the card… can’t really say this happens anymore

Wife had it in Prague this week, but not in the UK for a long time.

I’m in this camp, whilst I like the majory of ideas Monzo implements, I feel a more conventional card is needed as an alternative (although sayin that… if I wait long enough the hot coral card will slowly turn dark (it already is)

(Jack) #164


(Nick) #165

Hm, I don’t think that design is workable: how would Monzo cope with 700,000 people demanding a new card all at once? :heart_eyes: