I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Only available in amateur ) #125

Problem with vertical cards is the only time the view will be right is when you’re using chip and pin or an ATM. When it’s happily living in the card section of most wallets/purses it would look odd as that holds them horizontal

(Jack) #126

That egg design isn’t the best😅.
I like the Tide one, supplies there are a few niche ways it will work and still look ok.

Valid point about in wallets etc, although some card holders are now the other way around also:

(Nick) #127

I really like that Tide one :heart_eyes:

I’m also a fan of the few places that do their banknotes that way round:

(Jorge) #128

But they look like hotel cards!! :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Suppose in a way it makes sense since you insert your card in to the reader / ATMs etc that way.


That is why some countries changed their bank note designs so it looks right when you feed the notes into a vending machine or parking meter :wink:

(Stephen Spencer) #131

I, for one, won’t be happy until Monzo release a diagonal card

Or a square one that unfolds when it needs to fit in “legacy” reading devices

Think outside the box, people!


Or a squeezy stress ball format debit card that you can bounce on a contactless reader :wink:

(Craig Davison) #133

Although I like my orange card - usually gets compliments from the cashier, this is a really nice version and I think it fits better with the brand colours.


An orange card would be interesting, personally I have a hot coral card. Did you spray paint yours?

(Dan) #135

It’s really smart. I actually like it! Maybe Monzo could offer a range of styles for the displeased?

(Jon Rushton) #136

I just want a card that doesn’t have worn numbers and curled up edges where the laminate has peeled away!

I do love the minimalistic look that people posted, with the details on the back, and the portrait view as well. I don’t like the idea of moving away from the coral though. That’s the brand identity. How else do we identify fellow monzo users?


watch for them drinking coffee from a new Monzo branded mug?

(Jack) #138

I want to keep the coral also. I do like the current design a lot, some minor variations would be nice though for the future.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #139

Now THAT is worth a thread all on its own :flushed:

(Edward) #140

Regardless of colour, I’d love to have a metal-core Monzo card, even if it required a payment for issue/replacement. The gratuitous Tungsten-cored cards (e.g. N29 Metal) are really nice.

(Jack Donovan) #141

Eww, sorry - I much prefer the way the card looks now. If it changed to this I’d definitely be off

(Jack Donovan) #142

But it wasn’t minimalistic at all, the current card is. That card had a horrific MONZO in block white sprawled across it


It looks like an OK design but it doesn’t catch the eye.

When I used my Monzo card in Pizza Express I was asked why I had a pink card as he had never seen one before.

This is where Monzo should stay, in the unique untried zone. It’s appealing, unheard of, a head turner, something that sparks a random conversation.

I wouldn’t t mind seeing a partially transparent card where the design interplays between both sides.

(Steve Light) #144

Good effort @fwzmhmd :ok_hand:t4:
I think calling it ametuerish is a little mean :grimacing:
What I’d like to see next is a jet black card with hot coral lines. Are you up for mocking it up?