I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Jack) #166

They’d have to put some sort of list in place or if you order a replacement you get the old design until your card would have naturally expired?


Some good mocks from @ASKendrew, there. I wonder though whether the design shouldn’t be the other way around so Monzo is showing the right way up when stuck in a card reader?

Also, I was thinking about feedback for the joint account cards and how to better differentiate them. I don’t that the coral has finished its job yet, but maybe a colour band where it’s a different type of card?

Too much time on my hands so I came up with this - I’m sure it can be improved on.

(It’d look better if the MasterCard were all white, I think…)

Edit: credit to @ASKendrew whose original mocks I (ab)used.

(Nick) #168

Wouldn’t it have been the right way round the first time, since most readers load from the bottom? Although I prefer your way round because the logo would be sticking out the top of my card sleeve :slight_smile:


I posted this in another thread
(Vertical Cards Discussion)

I thought I’d have a go too… I’ve chosen cards matching the colours of the Monzo logo (and a stealth grey one too)

Looking at the Mastercard logo guidelines it looks like you can have a mono colour logo for that too… it looks much much nicer in my opinion

(Excuse the drawing…I did it using PowerPoint…)


Liking the coral and yellow with white logo.


I see what you mean! But who puts their card in their purse/wallet with the chip sticking out the top?! Maybe horizontal is the way to go, after all?

With thanks to @cabbagegti I’ve updated the MasterCard logos:


I like the transparent part in the N26 card so did a mockup with a transparent part… not sure it will work with the mag strip on the back though as you’d see it

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #173

That’s the problem with portrait cards trying to align the logo to how the card slots into the card reader – some readers load horizontally at the closest end, some load down vertically into the furthest end.

But I agree if stored in portrait in a wallet, the chip will probably end up at the bottom.

(Nick) #174

This redesigning card thing makes me laugh - some people must have too much time on their hands… lol

(Nick) #175

Okay, here’s a design brief for someone: design one that makes sense horizontally and vertically :wink:

(Simmy) #176

That looks brilliant

(Jack) #177

Hey Everyone,

If possible could you please continue the discussion on vertical cards here :arrow_right: Vertical Card Discussion (All Banks) 💳

We’ve merged a few threads to create the above.
It’s been such a hot topic lately it would be nice to keep all the chatter in one place :slight_smile:


We agree! (But hey, some of us like to garden and some of us like to exercise our inner fintech designers - it takes all sorts, right? :wink:)


I think @Danny made the best attempt at that up-thread :wink:


Danny’s design cleverly featured a Hot Coral MasterCard logo on the card making it much more subtle.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #181

Seeing as everyone is going all vertical I also have designed a Monzo vertical card.

(Charlie Kelly) #183

I like these.

But please, no vertical cards.

(Richard) #184


These… I like all of these…

Doesn’t even need to be vertical…

(Stephen Wright) #185

Hot Coral or Jet Black does it for me. I appreciate the effort in mocking up something different but the advertised one is reminiscent of Starling a bit, to my mind, as well.

(Stephen Wright) #186

I’m not so sure about this. The idea of it being better to “educate those people and move on” doesn’t sit well with me. The thing I always value about Monzo is that they listen to what people want, rather than insisting that they know best. This was the thing with joint accounts, as I saw it. There was a clamour for joint accounts, Monzo initially dug in and said they weren’t on their priority list, but wanted to look into what people actually wanted joint accounts for and come up with a better solution. Ultimately, they settled on joint accounts. Because that’s what people wanted. Not another company who thnks they know best. Personally, whatever the reasons for wanting a different colour card available (nobody, as far as I can see, is saying that all Monzo cards have to be jet black (or whatever) just that they’d like one) I think Monzo would be well-advised to take note.

Just my view.