I possibly have a problem with in chat support

Yesterday I had Victor help me with something in chat :sunglasses: however, he messaged me to say that a fix had been put in place… But when I replied to say it was all sorted, the reply I got seemed as if he hadn’t actually seen the response I sent

Am I looking too far in to this? Thanks though Victor & the tech team. It was appreciated :sunglasses:Screenshot_20180208-072251Screenshot_20180208-072300

Yes, generally that’s the holding response when we have not heard back from the user. Most likely just sent in error - I wouldn’t read much into it. I can check the conversation to make sure your message went through if you’d like?

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Entirely up to you Simon :sunglasses:

If you want to for your own piece of mind then go ahead. If not, no worries at all. :ok_hand:

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