I need to unlock card at ATM but I’m in NZ

When my new card was sent I wasn’t notified of having a new PIN number along with it, so I entered my old PIN x3 and locked my card. I did PIN recovery and learned my new PIN but can’t use card until I’ve unlocked my card at an ATM. Struggling to find ATMs in New Zealand that allow me to do this though! Thus is my third year living here and I’m having to transfer balance to my kiwi account as Monzo is I useable :frowning: any pointers on where to unlock ATM? Thanks!

You could try contacting Monzo support in app, but the likelihood is that they will close your account as you are no longer a UK resident and as such are in breach of Monzo’s terms and conditions…

Thanks for replying. I am still a UK resident, I don’t have residency in NZ, just on a temporary work visa. I have tried the support pages in the app and not been able to find the correct query (the app used to have something more like a live chat feature in the help section which I can’t find now, hence bringing up my dilemma here). I guess I’ll try more ATMs for now.

You can contact Monzo by following the guide in my bio. :+1:

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You can open a Monzo account even if you’re not a UK tax resident. All you need is to live in the UK and have a UK address.

If I had not lived in the UK for three years, I would be very cautious about this. It is quite clearly stated you should live in the UK. It is one of those terms which is left deliberately ambiguous. Being a UK resident is not equal to living in the UK.


If you’re on a temporary work visa, you are very likely a resident of New Zealand and not the UK (unless its for less than 6 months). People often confuse the immigration and tax definition (banks usually use the tax definition).

If you’ve lived in NZ for 3 years, you are not a UK resident.

The only exception would be if you were working on behalf of the British government in New Zealand. Given you have a temporary work visa, this is likely not the case.


Surely whoever you are working for in NZ would want to pay into an NZ bank?

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They do but family transfer money on occasion to my Monzo account which up until a month ago I was using here as normal as per it being an international card.

Hmm, interesting. Good to know! Thanks

Thank you

Monzo asked me to confirm my tax residency ages ago (which I did, as NZ because this is where I currently work) but I wasn’t notified of any ‘consequences’ for want of a better word (?) and have been using my card as normal since. Until the new card arrived with a different pin I wasn’t aware of.

I could just post the card home to be unlocked by a family member and have it sent back. I still have a postal address and a ‘home address’ in the UK

I’d suggest doing this anyway as your Monzo account could be closed anytime as it’s only available to UK residents

Giving your card to someone is another great way to breach the bank’s T&Cs and get your account closed

If you spend 6 months + 1 day outside the UK in a year you’re not a UK resident. Having an address doesn’t matter. Monzo have been closing accounts recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a 2 month notice if I was in your shoes. How you bank is up to you just please have a contingency plan

Drop us a message in the app and we can unlock your pin in the chat.

If you have some form of proof of address in the UK and you plan to return to the UK in future then we don’t have a problem with using and keeping your Monzo account while you’re abroad :blush:


This is good to know, I always assumed that PIN unblocking could only be done at an ATM for technical reasons.

If you unblock a PIN via chat, does the next transaction then have to be Chip and PIN to allow the card to “learn” that it’s unblocked?

As someone who never uses ATMs myself, and lives in a fairly rural location, I would probably ask for my PIN to be unblocked this way rather than having to travel to the nearest ATM (if I ever blocked it) now that I know!

That’s right - so it gets unlocked on our side but you need to put the card into an online card reader for the card to get the unblock message :blush:

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Makes sense!

I can’t find out how to message help team in the app :frowning: none of the help queries I type in give me the option

Search for “contact” and click “contact support” then you should have info in there to contact.