Reverse payment


Is it possible to reverse a payment I made? I bought tickets privately but I believe I have been scammed as I still haven’t received the tickets, so I would like to reverse my payment. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!

Tap on the payment and press ‘something wrong? Tell us!’ To start a chat about that payment.


Ouch. To be frank, transferring money to another account is essentially like handing over cash, especially for items like tickets, which are usually voided by the terms and conditions upon resale anyway, as I’m sure you know.

Would you pay someone you met in a car park a couple of hundred quid on the promise that in a week they’ll bring over a second hand car you haven’t seen to your home?

Monzo may be able to make enquiries, there may be a very small chance something technical meant the payment didn’t go through, but I’d steel yourself to losing the cash, and chalk it up to experience.

Was this a bank transfer, @Lissy ?

Unfortunately if it was, @j06 is indeed correct in that it’s like cash, and doesn’t provide much protection compared to actual card payments. You should only do bank transfers with people you trust.

Please get in touch with us through the in-app chat, and we’ll take all the details and explore what options we may have.

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Thanks for your reply, and indeed I understand and regret my own naivety. I have gotten in touch with you in the app sending you screenshots of the entire chat. Would be extremely grateful if something could be done. Thanks again and have a nice day!


I will keep my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:


Hi my partner has transferred money to the wrong payee is it possible to cancel the payment asap.

You need to contact Monzo in app.

It’s mostly customers on here and the odd staff that do come on here can’t help with this I’m afraid.

If the money has already been transferred then it can’t be cancelled as such. A bank will normally help you to try and recover it, however.