I have been a victim of Fraud

If I have already given my acount number cvv and sort code to a fraud, freezing my card and asking for a new one will be enough so they won’t be able to withdraw any money?

Do you mean account details or card details? As you’ve said a bit of both.

If you’ve given card, expiry and ccv, then freezing your card and replacing it will solve the problem.

If you’ve given account number and sort code, all that can really happen is someone sets up a direct debit to your account, which you’d get a notification for anyway.


Sorry, account details I mean.
The money is not much, but can they overdraft if they have all these?
And if yes what can I do?

You should talk to Monzo about this, not to us!

Contacting them through the app is the way to go with this although you could also try the phone number on the back of your card.

Good luck!


thanx a lot