🙅🤥💳 I wasn’t (de)fraud(ed) 🚜

There was an unusual transaction in my account at just after 1am, with a merchant id of APR-I-V-and a string of numbers.

I contacted Monzo in the app to ask what the merchant was and they immediately blocked my card and sent me through the fraud/new card flow. That’s good, I guess, because safety first.

Anyway, they didn’t answer my question about the merchant. So I went through the flow, and a new card is on the way.

Then I did some digging and saw “Bracknell” at the bottom of the transaction page. So I searched my email and only one thing came up: Zipcar. I went into my Zipcar account and found that Zipcar have started charging me a monthly fee (wrongly because I’m on the free account).

Anyway, I can now deal with Zipcar to get a refund. Monzo have unblocked my card. BUT a new card is on the way…

So when the new card arrives, can I just ignore it and continue using my existing card until it expires naturally in a few years?

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Yup, and save the card incase you ever need a new one quickly :wink:


Wonderful! Thanks @Dan5

Must say, this is neat.

I presume you can do this too if you go through the lost card flow and request a replacement? Then find your original card?

If so, I might do this purely to have a backup on hand. Not that I can recall the last time I actually needed my physical monzo card… peace of mind and all that.

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Add to the unnecessary plastic pile :face_with_monocle::sweat_smile:

Always handy to have a backup for something you don’t need. :wink:


Ok who was triggered by my trolling headline and needed to change it :joy:


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This is a much less amusing topic as a result. Sad times. :cry:

I noticed it and was pleased to see correct use of English on the community. There, I’ve said it!


:see_no_evil: i was using a language I was sure Monzo could understand


It’s at this point my grandmother would have interjected to point out that someone is playing silly buggers.


The most fun I’ve had on the forum since the :soon: Apple Pay thread


Those were the days!
I remember reading that thread during a holiday, and adding my card to Apple Pay when I was still abroad - then going out to test it.


Whilst we’re on the topic, is there any way Monzo can group these merchant IDs together to show the correct merchant name?

I use Zipcar Flex frequently and all of their transactions now show as a string of numbers, which I assume are some sort of customer ID and a transaction number:

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is there any way Monzo can group these merchant IDs together to show the correct merchant name?

Yes, we can do this!

Although, not going to lie… Those transactions look disgusting :face_vomiting: At least eBay does transactions like “eBay ABC-8340D” :sweat_smile:

I am not a transactions person though :tm:, there may be something more obvious behind-the-scenes that it’s Zipcar Flex and not just a [month]-i-v-[account number?]-[sequential digits]

I’ll report this formally on Tuesday if I remember (or someone else can!) :slight_smile:


My transaction was the same format, but was for the Zipcar monthly subscription, rather than a Flex charge. Totally agree with grouping though - it would have saved Monzo the cost of sending me a new card :joy:


That would be great, thank you!

I don’t blame you!

Frankly, as soon as a random string of letters and numbers, with no obvious merchant name, appears in your transactions you do immediately assume fraud is going on.


It’s always better to have something and not need it then to need something and not have it. :yum:


Any luck with this? :pray:t3: