I definitely need help here


So, I was wondering if there’s anyway to reopen a monzo account. Last night I tried to delete a joint account I have with my ex and have fully deleted my account. This is kinda bad because I get paid into monzo… Every Friday :roll_eyes:.

Has anyone got any help on who to contact

Cheers dudes


If you can open a chat, do that in the app. Otherwise give the number on the back of your card a ring!

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

The other option if you can’t get through on either is to drop an email - hello@monzo.com - but definitely sounds like ringing might be the right option here.

Worst case … go for all three :see_no_evil:

Can you still access the chat feature in the Monzo app? Although I’d be inclined to call under these circumstances. I’m sure they’ll be able to reopen your account for you.

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