I can't open a Monzo account


I’m currently living in France and I’m settling in UK next week. So before arriving, I tried to open a Monzo account yesterday but unfortunately my request was declined without any more details given.

I understood I need to be a UK resident to open an account but here’s the thing, I signed a tenancy agreement a few weeks ago so I don’t get it.

Is it possible my request has been declined because I am currently a French tax resident ?

It is becoming quite annoying since I’m going to need a bank account really soon now… I didn’t expect it to be this tough.

Can you enlighten me on that matter?

Hi. Unfortunately nobody here can tell you why.

You can email them (help@monzo.com) but it’s unlikely they’ll tell you why.

A very recent tenancy agreement probably isn’t enough though.

I would assume it’s down to lack of address history. But I’m purely guessing.

I’m assuming your credit report checks are coming back empty so unable to see if you are a good egg.

You might find the same issue with Starling Bank.

Anyway try Monese instead as a suggestion

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If you put that on the form when signing up - more than likely that’s the issue.

You may want to try with another bank, say Starling and not mention that. You’ll be a UK tax resident when you eventually use the account anyway. Starling and Monzo are very similar and have pretty much the same feature set.