Card transactions from pots

I see we can now set debit card transactions as subscriptions, and opt to pay the subscriptions from a pot.

edit - the above was incorrect, I misread a couple of screens, sorry

Has anyone tried setting say their supermarket as a subscription and having the payments come from a pot, if so does it work and are there any gotchas (I don’t think it was designed to work for this usecase) ?

do we know what’s used to identify a subscription, I’m guessing it involves the merchant id, but maybe uses something else or in addition to

Unfortunately, card payments can’t be set to come from a pot at this time. :frowning: There is speculation that the upcoming Monzo Plus will include virtual cards, which should potentially include the ability to specify they come from a pot.

However, you won’t be able to use a virtual card in your local tesco.

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We can? This is news to me.

You could use virtual card in yours local Tesco by adding it to Google Pay, Curve or Tesco Pay+

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sorry I was being daft, I saw the word pot, but missed can’t :man_facepalming:

True. Assuming they allow them to be used on Apple/Google Pay. :+1:t3: My bad, forgot those.

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