I can´t reopen my account

Hello guys!
I am writing to you because I have a problem with my account. I opened an account in Monzo a year ago, now I wanted to get it back but I didn’t remember my contact. So I tried to open an account and I can’t.
It says that I have a problem with cinfa or something like that, but I never asked for a loan or anything.
I’m sorry, can someone help me with the steps I have to do to reopen my account?


There’s too little information here, email Monzo at help@monzo.com.

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As far as checking your records take a look at Credit Karma, it’ll show you your TransUnion record.

Under full report and the bottom it has Cifas. If it’s not correct then raise a dispute.

Having said that the Cifas markers are there as a warning to a lenders to be extra vigilant in checking this is who they say they are.

If you haven’t been a victim of impersonation or you haven’t reported something like a theft of personal documents etc and asked for it then I would get it removed asap.

If you’ve got an account and cannot log in to it because you don’t remember your “contact”, then you’ll need to contact Monzo to ask them. TBH you should be able to just search through your emails for any from Monzo, and that should help you determine the email address to use. If you have too many email addresses to not know which you used you have bigger issues tbh.

You cannot just create another account, you can only have one Monzo account. The information about CIFAS is just template stuff, and is not relevant here I don’t think.

If you closed your account, then you’d need to contact Monzo to re-open it.


If you have too many email addresses to not know which you used you have bigger issues tbh.

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