I can’t access my chat history or anything

I haven’t been able to do anything on my app for monzo. As soon has I do my face recognition it logs me in the a second later the app crashes

Hi @rebeccamariegraham0 have you tried reinstalling the app?

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I also have this problem. It also means I can’t send any support messages.
Tapping on Open Chats produces the second screen.
Screenshot_20181101-100943_Monzo Screenshot_20181101-100951_Monzo

I have reinstalled after which it worked for a few minutes, I also restarted my phone, no luck…

Looks like you might be on the new version of Chat that Monzo are trialling with some users. You should be able to send a message from the Chat screen and reach Monzo. You can also receive a copy of your Chat History via email if you request it, I believe.

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Monzo should really have made a “Welcome to Monzo Chat” or similar screen. The amount of confusion Monzo Chat has caused due to people being switched with no indication is really poor!

As well as many of my friends and family being confused by this, I’ve seen countless posts like this one on the forum too. :worried:


I’m also waiting on a response for another question… about 23 hours now.

Hey @danbeddows, thanks so much for your comment and for flagging this with us. I want to personally apologise for this mistake, yesterday we rolled out Monzo Chat for a small % of our customers on Android (up until now we have been trialing Monzo Chat on iOS mainly) and we upgraded people that were having active conversations on Intercom (the software partner that has been powering our in-app chat solution) which, of course, leads to a very poor experience :disappointed:

This should not have happened and we are already looking at this so that we can prevent it from happening again.

As for your comment on the need for something like “Welcome to Monzo Chat”: how would you do it? What would be a good welcome screen in your view, given that now it’s a super simple “white canvas”? We’re keen to improve the experience so any constructive feedback on it would be so welcome :heart:


I really dislike the single, neverending conversation. Great for those times the COp you’re speaking too has to handover but a pain if you want to look at previous chats. Bookmarks would be a decent compromise that break the chat into Topic Started and Topic Solved/ended. And then an archive section to go straight to that section of the message.

I’m assuming a lot of the features from Intercom will eventually make their way over like: read receipts, estimated wait times etc. I really value it when I’m given as much info as possible - even if it’s a 24hr+ wait for a response. At least then an expectation is set. Kinda like how most people enjoy the 1hr delivery slot by DPD.


This. It’s not a ‘chat’ in the sense I’d have with a friend, with one ongoing conversation. Each Monzo chat is its own support ticket.


Having an issue with chat too, can’t see old chats and when I try and start a chat the send CTA just seems non-functional and I can’t actually send the message!

Just curious… Why do people need to see old chats?

Looking at mine… They’re resolved and the job is done so I can forget about them. I can’t even re-open the conversation so there is no point in having them in my opinion :slight_smile:

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Potentially need it as evidence for any complaints or worse


Most of my chats are heavy on the GIFS… I wonder how they export :joy:



I look back at the odd chat occasionally.

The chat wouldn’t have been closed if your complaint wasn’t resolved :thinking:

Awww fond memories? :rofl: :wink:



I miss Tapas :cry:

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Hey @francisco_araujo! No problem!

Re a welcome screen. I think I’d have 3 different intro screens.

The first just a high level overview, something like:


The second screen possibly mentioning that the new interface is a cleaner, less busy UI - so they know the UI has changed.

And third screen possibly mentioning some drawbacks/fixes. Such as the old chat history is not visible, but available on request.

And if you have the data available in app regards the amount of conversations a user has had, I’d only show the intro screen if

num_conversations > 0

Because new users wouldn’t know any different anyway.

It appears from my personal conversations and discussions on the community that confusion is arising at two points.

  1. The UI has changed unexpectedly, and so some users think the app has bugged out.
  2. For users with no prior Monzo Chat conversations and no indication of a depart from Intercom, clicking Chat History goes to a relatively blank page with a keyboard and gives the appearance something has gone wrong, too.

And so I think a one time intro screen addressing these would help users migrate over with less confusion, and I think it’d be worth the extra friction.

I hope that’s helpful!


Did you design that?

Indeed I did :joy: