Huge battery drain Android 10

Hi Guys.

I seem to be getting really bad batter drain on Android 10. Anyone else got this ? (Clean install)

Normal for me so far, the Monzo app isn’t draining battery as much as your display shows.
You’ve also had maps open for 33 minutes which keeps the display on, therefore draining battery quicker?

Might just be me. I know I have had maps on and that’s drained 7%. (33mins active use) monzo has used 8% sat there doing naff all


Wasn’t something I really kept an eye on before as I keep my phone charged regularly, but I am at 77% and estimates I have 15 hours left, so nothing sticks out at me as being off.

7 hours off charge, less use than normal though - still got 84% left and Monzo not using much juice so far
(Pixel 2XL, Android 10, Monzo Beta 2.63)

So i have reinstalled Monzo (which reset its battery drain stats) I am now on 63% total with Monzo taking 5% since reinstalling, So in total Monzo has eaten 13% of my 37% drain.

Someone else had battery drain issues and rebooting the phone sorted it, maybe try that.

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