Monzo app draining battery

I bought a new phone (galaxy S20+ 5G Exynos version) and I wanted to check what’s draining my battery. I was surprised to find out it’s actually Monzo app!

It’s consuming more than 7% in 1.5h while I only opened it once for less than a minute. This would be high for a whole day let alone 1.5h.

The problem is it’s my main bank account and I can’t just simply delete the app. I’m sure it’s just me who’s facing this issue because nobody mentioned it before as far as I know. Any ideas of what could be the cause of this extremely aggressive consumption of power?

This will likely be a setting on your phone. Do you allow your apps to constantly refresh?

I didn’t get what you mean by “constantly refresh” but the data I posted is ironically taken while the app is restricted from working in the background and is in deep sleep mode.

Ok this might sound dumb, but just tried restarting the phone and the app stopped consuming any power. Maybe the settings I adjusted needed a restart to be applied? Weird.

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