App Battery Use

(Carter ) #1

After my first few days it looks like my average Mondo app use is about par with my home screen @ 9%. That was fairly intensive as I played around with it quite a bit. I was wondering what you expected and/or what others experienced.

The reason I bring it up is my :apple:Watch is great- but the add’l 9% is taking me down into the red a bit quicker than I had hoped. If I used it as my main bank (which I will) - is this about average?

What about other Alphas?

(Tristan Thomas) #2

It’s very low on mine (3%) — any chance of a screenshot when you press the little clock icon in the top right? My initial guess would just be that you’ve had Mondo open lots in the first few days of use (which is no bad thing :wink: )

(Oliver Smith) #3

Ditto on the 3% battery use over here (over 7 days)

(Carter ) #4

Sure! Here you go! I suspect you are right! Based on the other Alphas getting 3% I may have been a little busy in the app! :thinking:

(andrew) #5

(James Nicholson) #6

I’m James, App Engineer at Mondo – I absolutely love that you guys are into this stuff! It’s super important to me too. Here’s an example of my view of the world:

I’ve been doing regular profiling to make sure energy consumption stays as low as possible (the biggest wins usually come from optimising for CPU). I’ll be making sure we stay as fast, lean and buttery-smooth as possible :grinning:

(James Allison) #7

Mine’s looking good to.

(Adam Hockley) #8


(Chatan Vekariya) #9

Not too bad at 4%

(Stuart Cameron) #10

Over the last 7 days is 2% for me!

(Tom ) #11

7 days = 2% for me :battery:

(Jonathon) #12

Just to add my two cent here. I’m still on the waiting list and I’m finding that the app is taking up a fair amount of battery: 5 minutes on screen over the last 21 hours has used 6% of my battery…

(Jack Worton) #13

Maybe a battery issue with your phone itself? Hard to believe it’d use that much for the short amount of time you were on it :confused:

(Jonathon) #14

I doubt it. Other apps are fine and the battery is working normally generally. Plus it was only bought last week (iPhone 6S) so I’d be very surprised if it was a battery issue for me.