Will Google ban on Huawei affects Monzo app on my phone?

Any updates from monzo?

There shouldn’t be any change to the phone you currently have with any of your apps. The ban only affects future phones. I’m pretty sure I read Huawei were going to continue to provide security updates too.


Useful article from the Graun. Shouldn’t affect existing phones. Huawei blockade: do I need to stop using my Android phone?


Only their own security updates though - so it’s a little worrying.

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They can still deliver Android security updates. But like all manufacturers they already do this to their own schedule. No reason on existing phones it should be any different to now. I probably wouldn’t buy a new Huawei right now but I don’t think there’s anything in particular to worry about with existing handsets.

What about security updates?

Huawei said it would continue to deliver security updates for its existing smartphones. It can do this via the AOSP. Huawei has a middling track record for delivering the monthly security updates made available by Google, so it is likely users will receive a similar level of service, with security updates delivered at about the same pace.

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Following this with keen interest. Had my Honor 8x for about 6 months and love it. Said I’d never go back to Samsung!! Will be forced to buy one by the sounds of it.

With the 2 power nations squabbling wouldn’t surprise me if we get cut off from updates from all google app updates (Monzo/Starling/Transferwise etc) for current Huawei phones too!
Major hit for the Chinese giant.

you will no longer be able to update to the latest version in the coming weeks

Latest version of what @Tagsmith?

Call me paranoid but I think the reason they’re pulling support for huawei is because they want more sales for Samsung?

It’s more likely a threat to iPhone. I have seen comments from Nike and Adidas condemning the trade restrictions, so it effects all products that get exported from China.

My overall feeling about the restrictions on Huawei will mean consumers will get less choice. Apple will mostly likely highlight the security benefits of the iPhone - in conjunction with a price rise - when their new phone comes up.

They pulled away from Huawei because of Trump’s new ban on trading with them. There’s debate on whether this was part of a trade war with China or a genuine security concern (and from the UK investigation Huawei’s security problems aren’t necessarily backdoors for the Chinese government). If anything this harms Google - Huawei is the second largest phone manufacter and contribute a lot to Android development.

I think what’s more interesting is that ARM (a UK/Japanese company) has also cut ties so Huawei will not be allowed to use any of their new designs to build their processors. That will affect them even in China (where Android does not use Google services).

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