Money not showing in monzo account following transfer

I transferred money from my HSBC account to my Monzo account but it isn’t showing in my Monzo account.

Any idea how long it should take for this to show?

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There is a help topic regarding HSBC transfers within Monzo App that you may find useful:

When did you send it. Usually within 2 hours but could be by the end of the next working day.

What is written in the Monzo app is incorrect.

HSBC’s Faster Payments cutoff time is 11:45pm. I think it is more HSBC’s vicious anti-fraud checks blocking it or a delay in Faster Payments as @krr13 states.


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This just seems silly. Are HSBC not directly linked with Faster Payments? I assume they must be. If so, what’s the reason?

Probably to do with their fear of being implicated in money laundering.