HSBC chat

Ah, yes, I know that :slight_smile:

Anyway, caught up here now, too, so hopefully will be good from now on.

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Maybe the curse of SVB is why HSBCs gone down this morning… /sarcasm

Hsbc does that often without any help. :joy:

I must be lucky because in 2 and a bit months this is the first time it has ever happened. I’m sure it’ll be back soon enough

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HSBC has processed my standing orders as normal and notified me as usual too :man_shrugging:

Yes, there was no impact here either, all DD’s went as expected. I just couldn’t check my balance for around 20 min.

I tried this, man what a mistake that was! I couldn’t believe how legacy it all was. Literally nothing in app at all apart from the balance and the website looked like it was last updated around 2010.

Actually, the rest of HSBC is nicely modern for the most part, at least to me. It does what it needs to do, but this is some exception.

It probably hasn’t! The interface was designed for an 800x600 screen and my father used it for a good few years before he died in 2010. To be fair, the functionality is fine - you can buy/sell shares (and ETFs), research them, create virtual portfolios for what-ifs, etc. It’s just presented in a very archaic way.

I don’t think many people are transferring their ISAs in, though. Mine was transferred from Interactive Investor in just over a week, which must be a record for a S&S ISA transfer. Also, I don’t deal very often, so it’s a cheap way to hold shares (£10.50 per quarter) and my dividends get transferred into my current account on the same day that the company pays them.


Yes, I think for this it’s probably great, but I have the GIC for this which is similar, only you don’t choose where they are invested. Compared to Interactive Investor, Hargreaves Lansdown et al they seem quite competitive.

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I used to have a GIC account but their selection of funds is pretty poor, to be honest. At the time I had it you could only see the balance in the app like InvestDirect, though, and still needed to access it via online banking.

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HSBC is working great!!

I did call in but the CS rep did not understand that there’s an issue with the website :joy:

She did help me get back in to my account though, bless her. She tried her best

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Do you have it on a different device?

If so you can remove others to add this one.

Click here and then manage devices.


I didn’t, however I called them before they closed at 8 o’clock and they were able to delete the devices so I could re-add my device to my account

It’s just unfortunate that the website is completely broken and I don’t know where I can actually report this to get this fixed


Ah yes Lloyds are like this. Each time you download and login and even if it’s the same device it registers as a new device which means you eventually have to call in.

The option is to clear them out to under the limit before delete and reinstall otherwise it’s a call.


I do like the “my voice is my password” thing to get through security. I do hope it can’t be fooled by AI

I found the right channel to report it, Facebook messenger believe it or not

Just accidentally hit the Plan tab in the HSBC app and noticed that Spending Insights is now working for me rather than giving an error message!

Might be working for you too now, @JIMMWX

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Not yet, but hopefully that means soon it actually will! Thanks for tagging me.

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Working here too.

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