Changing Perks on Premium Package

Add car breakdown cover with your premium perk package and I would sign up today.

I would also make the insurance more visible in regards to what you are receiving.
For example, say if it’s worldwide, unlimited claims, family included, zero excess.

I want to buy your premium card but just can’t quite warrant it to the cost.


Unfortunately, adding more features - like breakdown cover - would increase the cost for Monzo. It sounds like Monzo Premium isn’t suitable for your needs at this point.


Nationwide Plus account is probably your best bet, also cheaper. No metal card though :upside_down_face:


When I compared, it was cheaper at the time to go direct :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes I would not be fussed about other perks personally. The lounge access for example.
It would be interesting if a vote on perks was taken if there would be a defined list that would not affect price

This happened with Monzo Plus v2 - and was a catastrophe, and quickly rejected to the current model. So I personally don’t see that happening

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This is an additional cost though right?

I think HSBC do or used to offer a choice package for ~£20 for 3 options.

Unsure if any other bank has attempted it otherwise. Can imagine it to be quite complex to handle from a systems point of view.

Yeah it is.

Or “Oh, I want that from that package, and also that from that package - why can’t you just let me make my own package?!”

They still do, quite good value I reckon for £19.50

EDIT: Ah, you can’t actually get it anymore

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Agreed, buy your breakdown through the Nationwide package, it’s cheaper than Monzo Premium, and you get phone and travel insurance thrown in for free.

Win win.


I still don’t think the model was the issue. Monzo just botched it and dropped the ball.

It also never launched in, nor got to, a polished state. The version we have now launched as a polished finish product, and looking back with hindsight, that’s the only real difference between this version and the ones which preceded it.


Awks. :sweat_smile:

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That must be recent? I hadn’t realised they’de stopped letting new people join. Shame, it was a good offering

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Yeah, they pulled it back in February.

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Basically this in a nutshell. When it was still available Select and Cover was a simple choice for the user, you pay a set amount, you choose up to three options and you get them.

By packaging certain things in one bundle and others in a different one, it led to a paradox of choice for them, and caused huge frustration for all really. Especially when the reneged on them.

@Buckeruckus they are meant to be looking into Plus/Premium at some point so who knows


With the interest rates going up the 1.5% AER interest is no longer competitive and I think needs to be reviewed, especially when the instant access pot from Monzo offers 3.7% AER.

It hasn’t been for a long time. They are meant to be improving premium/plus offerings but we’ll see

@JIMMWX it is making me question the validity of keeping Premium, especially when looking around at what’s available elsewhere, the package has definitely stagnated.

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