HSBC app development

Thought you may be interested in how HSBC are shaping up….

They are adding savings goals into the app, which is available to view in the customer studio.
It seems that these goals will be ‘pots’ rather than savings accounts, also.

It seems they’re working on a few features, of which I feel will bring them in line with LBG apps (including spending analysis, viewing card numbers in app etc). Albeit there’s no deadline for it!

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Is there no NDA associated with their customer feedback thing?

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Nope! It’s like Chase, anyone can join in too.

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Not that i’m aware of!

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I suppose it’s good to see them moving with the times but nothing here is of any use to me. Savings pots are pointless when you can have an actual instant savings account earning interest. Also, I hardly ever spend on my debit cards when I can earn cashback on my credit cards.


Why is there a first direct screenshot amongst these (“insights”)?

I can only assume they’re working on the feature for both apps :man_shrugging:

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That’s not an NDA. Those are pretty general rules and are not above fair dealing. I don’t think it’s relevant in the scenario of someone taking and sharing screenshots on the internet; it wouldn’t even be enforceable in this context. It’s meant more for protecting their IP against plagiarism.

An NDA is totally different.

If HSBC cared they’d have come after Monzo long before now and this stuff would have been removed. It’s not the first time folks have shared things from that website.


Are they adding either of the following?

  • Ability to search entire transaction history (not just recent transactions)
  • Ability to add notes to transactions

Come to think of it, aside from Monzo and Starling are there any UK banks that have these features?

Not that i know of, although i do know you can search whole history in the Lloyds Group apps!


Technically yes, that’s true, although you can only load a few months of data at a time and have to keep clicking “further back” to reload the page if you want to search beyond the default time period.

If you had kept an account with them for 20+ years, you could search all of that time but you would be there all day!

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