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It looks like the successor to Jade is being rolled out; HSBC Premier Elite.

It has similar eligiblity criteria to Jade, and is showing up on HSBC’s websites for China, Singapore, Taiwan and the US.

I haven’t found details for the UK or Hong Kong yet, though Jade is being withdrawn in both markets.

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Oh good I’ll move the £2m pounds I have lying about so that I can qualify

How the other half live eh. Still, Jade was a nice looking card (from screenshots) so if you are a millionaire card collector……


Millionaire’s have better things to collect and not use, like Yachts and Cars…


Haha I was going to say…

…but what’s the card design?


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Anybody else missing HSBC money in/out notifications today? Two DDs and a BACS credit overnight but no push notifications and no notifications recorded under the bell icon in the app.

Notifications are still enabled in the app and iOS settings.

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Nope. I received two, early hours of this morning, in line with my Standing Orders out.

Android app

No, all mine worked fine. But this has occurred previously, turning them on and off again seems to fix it.

Still no working plan tab, though.

Mine working now without me doing anything - just received a notification of an incoming FP. Maybe the others are queued somewhere…


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HSBC not only ones running late bu look of it.

Had a notification from Zopa that my boosted pot is now unlocked, some three hours after I deleted it, having checked manually this morning :man_shrugging:

Just to make things worse (not too worried, I have Lumio for this sort of thing) I logged onto customer studio and the activity they’ve just released is all around how useful the Plan tab is :rofl:


It’s strange it sometimes works then doesn’t. Shame because it’s quite a good feature when it works. It appears as if it works in batches. Batches of transactions seem to work with it, then other days they don’t. Strange because the FD spending insights work very well. Also surprised that we still can’t tap on a transaction to view more details about it.

Yes, coming from FD where it worked (and is the same technology (BUD)) I was very surprised to see that this just doesn’t work well at all.

Also this, although in their latest update around the plan tab looks like they’re going to start to do soon.

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Yeah that would be really nice. It could use some rich transaction info (a map etc) and also a nicer font

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So a Global Money Quirk that I’ve just discovered which might be of interest. I could see that the Global Money account connected just fine in Lumio. Great I thought, I can track spending on my holiday.

Turns out it only shows the base account (GBP) so the Euro’s I’ve just got are now going to go down the black hole of spending now. I’d convert them back to GBP but I’d lose money. Thanks HSBC, I guess.

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HSBC bringing in account opening via selfie in app, at last.

If this is the same as First Direct then unlike Barclays et al where you do this and can then use the account it’ll be a “thanks, we’ll be in touch” and then around 2 weeks later you’ll actually be able to.

Still didn’t fix the plan tab tho

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Is this for a full application, though, or just to enable online/app banking rather than waiting for the telephone security code?

Edit: I’ve just installed the app on my iPad and it’s an alternative to entering the telephone security code.

That’ll be a server-side fix. Last time I asked HSBC about it they said they were fixing it in small batches.

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I actually don’t know, when I updated on the iPhone it wasn’t very clear. Nor the iPad, but that makes sense. Hopefully the start of moving to defaulting to Touch/Face ID login and security codes through biometrics internally vs having to press to use Face ID each time

Makes sense but I do wish they’d hurry up and sort this, over three months now

Had the chance to use the global money card in anger now.

Initial findings:

  • As was expected no notifications when you use the card. Which is strange when you’re used to the main card having them.
  • Acceptance is patchy. At least in Greece. Some places it works fine, some you can only use chip and pin. In Monzo days I never had a problem ever so this was a little frustrating

Time will tell if this will become the abroad card, if this is a recurring theme I might go back to Algbra for this purpose for the time being


Update regarding transactions for the Tuesday after a bank holiday - my DDs for Tuesday were showing in the app on Friday morning, as opposed to just on the website until Monday as before.

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Twice now the HSBC Global Money has just point blank refused to work in Corfu. Once at the supermarket and now at a restaurant.

Thankfully I had my Premier Credit which is Mastercard (I forgot I had Algbra) which worked fine.

In previous years I’ve always had Monzo and this has never not worked. So perhaps I had higher expectations for this card based on this.

It’s worked really well in most places but If this card was to be the “abroad card” I’m definitely going to need an fx-free alternative which makes the whole point of having it a bit moot.

For reference for anyone else considering this card.