HSBC Kinetic - Does anyone use it?

Does any Business Owners here use HSBC Kinetic. I was thinking about giving it a go but I am not sure considering there are free options (Starling & Monzo).

But you might have more luck elsewhere as you’ve joined a Monzo community to ask about HSBC.

Sounds like @Revels might be up a little early.

I’m sure there are plenty of people here who’ve used a combination of at least Starling, Monzo, Kinetic and maybe even Revolut for business.

I’ve used Revolut for Business and was very happy with the service. Their app and web interface make ‘banking’ (cue for someone to barge in with Revolut isn’t a bank) extremely easy for business.

Basic package is free, Starling’s business account I didn’t rate much - it didn’t have a lot of the modern features on top of it like Revolut did.


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Thank you for this. I did consider Starling but it just seemed a bit basic compared and the toolkit doesn’t offer much for mobile users.

I think I might look at Revolut first. It also depends about bank transfer fees the most too

Revolut gives you 5 free outgoing bank transfers per month and then charges 20p after that.


Lol. I was offering a suggestion, not quite the need to run telling tales.

There’s a thread about it on the unofficial Starling forum but no replies to it.

Not much I can see elsewhere


Hey guys :wave:

Just to keep on topic here; I didnt realise HSBC called one of their business accounts a Kinetic account seemss like its pretty standard and the only difference between the SME account is the payment limit.

If you already have an account that does all the things the Kinetic does I would see a need for switching, especially when you have everything already.

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It uses a different app and, although I don’t have either account, I think it’s targeted more closely at small businesses and freelancers rather than larger businesses.

The app is also more “fintech-style”, and it’s designed so you can operate the account from the app only. HSBC’s other business accounts are more traditional.


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I considered it, but plumped for Monzo Business - so far, so good :slight_smile:


That’s the main thing. If you can get a very good offering for free, what’s the point of paying (unless you absolutely need something like local branch cash deposits)?


Yes, the fees put me off.

While I do pay for monzo business it’s small fry


I agree. I think there’s a subtle difference there in the fact that Monzo, Starling, Revolut and Tide business offer a base tier for free and most high street banks don’t. With Monzo, or any of the others, you pay extra for extra features - but never have to pay for the account itself, if you can rationalise it that way. Even Tide is effectively “pay as you go” (the least “free” out of that list) which seems fair.

The average high street bank charges you just for keeping a business account open, no matter what you do. That’s quite different and really nowhere near as competitive unless, as I say, you absolutely require local branch services for some specific reason.

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I’ve gone for Starling Business. As you said. I’m not paying for the actual maintenance of the account and that’s where the big saving is