How to withdraw my salary from frozen account ? Thanks

How to withdraw my salary from frozen account from monzo account? Thanks

You can’t. It’s frozen.

You’ll have to wait for Monzo to finish their investigation and unfreeze your account.

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If your account is frozen then you won’t be able to access this money at the moment.

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how long can the investigation take?
My only source of income is on this Monzo card. It was frozen for no reason, and I won’t have any money until they finish the investigation.
My salary will go on this account

Can you get your employer to pay it into a different account?

They may return the money to your employer also. Get in touch with Monzo.

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I not have another account😔

You can open an account with Starling Bank with virtually the same process as Monzos, I believe , similar ID requirements , you get a bank account number and sort code , and then talk to your employer and get it transferred there

Thank you.
I will do

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