My salary

Hi, first of all, thanks for the great service so far .

  1. If im to receive my salaries, say £1200 a month, will my account be frozen or is everything going to be all right ? Read hundreds of opinions over the internet in the last weeks and to be honest im really scared.
  2. If I receive payments from my sales on ebay. Is that a problem or is it fine ?

You should have no problems whatsoever. Accounts get frozen when there is suspected fraudulent activity. If you’re just getting your regular wage paid in and bills and purchases coming out, there is no reason why you should have any issues.

Re: eBay, again, as long as you’re not doing anything “dodgy”, you’ll be fine.


Sounds good then. THanks for clearing those up ! Really appreciate it.

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Zero problems; I’ve been using my account fully for well over six months without issues.

All my pay goes into Monzo and I use it as my main current account.


When it arrives in your monzo account and then when you transfer to your say Lloyds bank, any issues ?

Nope, no issues with large transactions at all.

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Why not give going #fullmonzo a go? You’ll love it :heart_eyes:

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if you using your account how it’s supposed to be used then you shouldn’t have any worries about it being closed down, I’ve been full monzo over a year now and no problems

Same here, no problems at all…full monzo

Just to echo everyone else, you’ll be fine if you are all above-board, and not running any dodgy, illegal operations. :slight_smile: All banks are legally required to run through fraud checks, and close/freeze accounts that they genuinely suspect to be operating for fraudulent purposes. As everyone else said, receiving your salary, and selling things on eBay will more than likely not arouse any suspicion!

(However, I’m no banking expert, so do take my words with a little pinch of salt, just in case.)

I’ve been getting my salary through Monzo for around 9 months now without a problem - and in November, I had to move a substantial (around 20k) for funds from my Nationwide account through Monzo to pay various things and that happened without issue (it probably helped the funds were coming from a bank account in my name and funds had previously come/gone from that account as well).

Use Monzo as a normal bank account and don’t get involved in money laundering activities and you’ll be fine.

However, let someone use your bank account to ‘pay other people but you can keep a commission’ i.e. being a ‘money mule’ i.e. being involved in money laundering - and, like any bank account, it will be frozen: see .


I’ve read the reviews on Facebook that you’re talking about and there is a common theme to them all. If you’re a normal person doing normal transactions like most of us you won’t have any issues :slight_smile:

I too have had my full salary being paid into Monzo for quite some time and also transferred large sums of money in and out with no problems what so ever.

All above and still got my account frozen…twice in 2 weeks ,so dont be100% sure of your statement.

There would have been a reason for the freeze. There is no guarantee your account won’t get frozen - as with any bank - but it’s very unlikely.