How to use Monzo as a 5-a-side football team

Anyone here use Monzo to pay or get paid by teammates?


I do.

I used to post the link and my bank account details into the group messenger along with a list of people who hadn’t paid from previous weeks.

I stopped using the link because people were saying that it wasn’t working for them so stuck to sharing bank details from my app each week, which I have no problem with. Half the team have Monzo now so some just make a £5 payment each week, the others I assume have my bank details saved in their own banking app and make the payment from there.

The Bill Splitting function only works for me if everyone is on Monzo and then I would use it.
I don’t have the time or inclination to send a separate link to each person who doesn’t have Monzo.

Also, how we work it is that the game costs £25 but everyone pays a fiver and I put my £5 into a pot which goes towards buying a round after a game when it’s built up. So I couldn’t use bill splitting as we don’t pay the exact amount (£30 instead of £25).

‘With Monzo, your team mates don’t need to message you to say they’ve paid’ - those that don’t have instant notifications with their bank always do! And I message back saying I know haha

But I do have to cross names of my hit list within the messenger group every week.

In terms of my budgeting, I just exclude the online payment to the league from my summary.


Nice one, Ed! You sound like an organised outfit.

How does the team do on the pitch?

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Nice post :smiley:

I’ve not had a perfect opportunity to use a Shared Tab yet :eyes: but they look pretty cool :blush:

For the sports I play, we just alternate who pays (despite all being Monzo users :joy:) it seems easier to do this as it’s a small booking fee for a court :stuck_out_tongue:

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Played five, won five :muscle:


What do you play? I’d love to write the same sort of guide for other sports teams. Football’s just the one I know best.

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I play badminton :badminton: and a bit of table-tennis :ping_pong::smiley:

Definitely not a ‘team’, as such, but just regularly with friends :blush: When it’s only £5-£10/hr (depending on the sport) it just gets paid by a different person each week, if it was renting an entire pitch for an hour and there were half a dozen of us, I’d definitely use bill splitting but it would almost feel weird splitting a relatively small transaction with a small handful of people :joy:

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You’ll have to come in for a game. Table tennis is a pretty serious pastime in the Monzo office.


Sounds like a plan, you’re on! :joy::boom: I hope it’s a hot-coral table :wink: