Which bills have you split so far?

A week ago we introduced a new way to split bills through Monzo.

And we love to know: what have you 'splitso far?

Personally, so far I’ve used it a few times when buying tickets for gigs. So much easier just to send the request through instead of chasing people up! (And the booking fee, etc. is all automatically included in the split price).


Have used it for grocery shopping with housemates and also for gig tickets like yourself, it is great!

Only gripe and to be honest its a big one… i hate not being able to resend a “pay me for this” notification. Think this really needs to be addressed in Bill Splitting 2.0


I went through a phase of using it a few times a day when on holiday in Spain, this was mostly for food and drinks.
More recently I’ve used it when booking the cinema for my friends along with one or two meals.

I was going to use the ability to split with people not on Monzo but feel bad that Monzo incur a fee :sweat_smile:. I’ll use it next time for sure.

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I also think twice before sending to non monzo contacts for some reason, but it works great, but can the email address field be optional please.

I regularly use it to buy stuff for people on my Amazon Prime account, then I “split” the whole cost of the item to the person I bought it for.


That is pretty smart as it then comes off your budget. I’ll start doing that!


I mainly split with my partner for “shared expenses” because sometimes I accidentally use my current account card instead of the joint one since there isn’t much difference in the designs.

I recently convinced a friend to get a Monzo account and we’ve been splitting groceries and food out with each other. :slight_smile: Bill splitting on one of the features that convinced them to join.

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I’m not saying that bill splitting is useless, just expressing that I use it more because of the poor design of the Monzo cards . The only way to tell them apart is the small font in the corner that says ‘joint account’ :slight_smile:

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I really think that they are distinct enough to be honest. Having said that I’m still :crossed_fingers: for another colour.

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