Split spend with friends

(Bill Wilkinson) #1

Here’s an idea, being able to pay for a meal/shop and afterwards, being able to split the spend with other friends who use Monzo.

Monzo sends a notification to the friends phone, the friends can accept the split spend, and money will be taken out of their account accordingly and transferred the the payee.

A simple split would divide the spend equally. A more detailed option could be used to split according to who bought what. This would require inputting values.

If a friend doesn’t have Monzo a invite message could be sent to the friend, also with an IOU message. ‘You owe bill £15.80’ calculated by Monzo as mentioned. The user can pay this in cash or join Monzo and pay through the app.

Idea - Bill Wilkinson

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This idea’s one of the features that are up next on the roadmap so it’ll be interesting to see how similar Monzo’s solution is to the one you’ve described :slight_smile:

@monzonaut came up with these designs recently -

which Hugo said were similar to what they’ve been working on.

Most of the discussion of the feature happened here -

Spend Splitting
(Ben Green) #3

This is a popular request and you can read more about it here

According to the roadmap it should be available within 3 months.

(Bill Wilkinson) #4

Didn’t see that this had already been suggested, good to see that it’s going to be done!