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Two friends and I run an 11 aside football team, that participate in a Sunday football league.

The team has been running for about 8 years, and has always run on a cash basis (£5 per game). However, due to COVID-19, league fees, pitch fees, referee fees etc are changing to cashless, meaning we can’t operate the way we used to.

Ideally on Monzo, I want to create an account for the club, As many of our players use Monzo do collecting subs would be easy. However, I’m not sure what my best option is. We’re not a registered company or anything like that, but it would be great if the two other friends I run it with could also access without me having to share my details (if I created a pot on my account).

What do you recommend?



By the sounds of it you already have a Monzo account? The two friends you run it with, do they?

You need a community account. These are offered by the main high Street banks but not the newer fintech banks yet.
You could also get a SumUp, Square or iZettle account so fees could be paid by card

One certainly does, I’m sure I could persuade the other

Shared tab?

Monzo Personal card or Joint account is not suitable for this use and Monzo dont have a suitable commercial card so you need to go elsewhere for a community account

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