How to turn a monthly direct debit into a subscription


Joint account holder with a joint bills pot which pays all direct debits and monthly standing orders.
For some time I’ve been confused how the scheduled payments Left to Pay is calculated. It always seems too low.

So investigating further I see that most direct debits have a subscription switch available but others including mortgage don’t. Screenshots below.
Next I switched off the Repeating Payment for Aviva, then returned to the main payments list. Of course the Left to Pay has reduced. However on returning to Aviva direct debit the Repeating payment switch has disappeared.

My question : how do I turn all these direct debits into repeating subscription payments please?


I’m first to reply to my own post :slightly_smiling_face:

After some messing around, I realised I could find an older transaction, then enable a repeating payment from there. So, all figured out now.
I guess I was too drawn into the options available on the list of recurring payments - just expected all options to be available there.

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Yeah, this got me too. Not very intuitive.