Left to Spend to disregard scheduled subscription payments from pots

I have a bill pot set up which all my DD/standing order bills go out of. These payments are not included in the calculation for left to spend, which is perfect - the money is in the pot, so it doesn’t need to be in my main account.

However, for my subscriptions payed by card, they come from a different pot, as they are paid via a specific virtual card. This pot knows they are scheduled payments and that they’re going to come from that pot, and has the same left to pay feature as the bill pot, and that all works perfectly. But summary doesn’t realise that these are being paid from that pot, and so still deducts them from my left to spend, making it incorrect.

I’d like for them to be treated in the same way as those from my bill pot.

At some point I may switch them all over to the bill pot since that is (as far as I understand) allowed now, but that’s a job for future me since it would entail changing my card details manually with every single company, since you can’t change the pot a particular virtual card pays from :confounded:

Edit: This topic was closed shortly after I made it so I can no longer reply but I don’t think the answers answer my feature request.

For one, I can’t exclude any of these payments from my summary without toggling off “repeating payment” because the option doesn’t show if repeating payment is on. I still want Monzo to count these as repeating payments.

Secondly I still want them to show in summary/trends for budgeting purposes. If I spend £X on games on subscription each month, I still want that to show under my games budget. I just don’t want it to come out of left to spend. This is the exact behaviour that scheduled payments from my bills pot have right now… I just want it to happen with scheduled payments from other pots too, since Monzo knows they’re coming from a pot so it seems like it should be able to treat them in the same way as payments coming from a bill pot.

If you click on the transation you can exclude it from your summary.

Is this the answer you were looking for? (I think it is :see_no_evil: )

This is correct :raised_hands:t3: It’ll remove from your left to spend each month, but still be included in your repeating payments and amounts payable from your pot each month.

Hi @kpwxx! I asked @_Tom to re-open the thread so I could reply with my own suggestion for you here, which is what I did when I first moved some recurring payments to a virtual card linked to a pot.

I think you’ve sort of already found what I’m about to suggest when you went to try to exclude these from Summary too.

What happens here is (and I hope it’s something that gets fixed) when you move a subscription to a pot linked virtual card, Monzo doesn’t stop identifying the old recurring payment. So from Summary’s perspective it still expects and tries to predict it, even though it never get taken from your main account anymore. Essentially, Monzo is now tracking two different versions of the same subscription. One via your pot associated virtual card, and the other that used to come from your main account.

To fix this, head to the payments tab and tap on scheduled at the top. Scroll down through your list of subscriptions and direct debits. The ones that come from a Pot will have a badge denoting the image of the pot it comes from. You want to be looking for the duplicate subscriptions that don’t come from a pot, tap on those and turn off the repeating payment option. No need to exclude them from summary.

This will stop summary trying to predict these payments and affecting your left to spend, without affecting the version of the subscriptions that come from your pots. Because they come from pots though, they won’t be included in summary anymore, but will be included in Trends.

At the moment, Summary can’t see into your pots. Trends can, and Trends will eventually replace Summary, so I don’t expect summary will ever be updated for this use case.

Has there been a policy change recently? A few topics seem to be being closed after the first or second reply, which seems to exclude other perspectives or differing views.

Could we reconsider that, maybe?

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Hey, thanks for the detailed reply.

Interestingly, under ‘Scheduled’ each of the payments concerned only appears once. They do not have a badge to indicated that they are coming from a pot (only my bill pot ones have that).

I’m not too fussed about Summary in general working perfectly if Trends does the thing that I want instead, as I know it’s going to disappear at some point, once Trends has all the summary features added to it. But left to spend works based on Summary, rather than Trends, for now right? So I guess that’s why removing the payments from summary as done in your case would solve the left to spend issue.

I may try creating a new card for subscriptions which is paid from my bills pot, and moving one payment to there, and see what happens. It’s just a lot of effort to track and monitor since the pot a card charges to can’t just be changed, and thus I’ll have to remove a virtual card to make space, make a new one linked to the pot, change my payment method with the subscription service and then wait another month for it to figure itself out.

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It could be possible I’m misremembering here, and only the old payments are shown here, given it doesn’t show them as coming from a pot.

Worth trying toggling those off as repeating payments and see what effect that has. Can always turn them back on, but I suspect this will solve your summary issue and keep your pots ones in tact. Those must be completely segregated if they don’t show in scheduled payments.

Yep, that’s right!

The way the virtual cards with pots work isn’t quite as polished as the rest of the plus experience, and I suspect it’s why I eventually gave up on that feature, as attractive as it seemed in theory. Certainly has some kinks that need ironing out.

I decided to try moving the payments to a new virtual card, set up to charge from the bill pot, so I could see what happens, for science :laughing:… whether left to spend will now know they’re coming from bill pot, or whether it will still not (perhaps it’s not the pot, but the fact they’re DDs?). So I’ll see what happens there after next payday I guess!