Bug: left to pay in Bills pot is missing a payment

i have a bills pot which predicts how much money I need to deposit each month to cover my direct debits, however, month after month it seems to exclude one payment of £96.03. I have done the “add/remove payments” numerous times, but still it says I only have £38.50 left to pay this month, when the payment of £96.03 is due to come out on the 23rd. Please note the left to pay is saying it covers until the 27th Sept, so it should definitely be included.

iOS 16.6.1
iPhone 14

The “difference” here is in the line underneath the bill - “Last Paid” instead of “Monthly on”. It’s showing that it’s not flagged as a repeating subscription, but instead is treated as an occasional, and unpredictable payment.

If you tap on it, it should take you to a details page for the direct debit, which should have a toggle for “Repeating subscriptions”. Make sure that is switched on.


Hi! That worked! Thank you

Hey, I have direct debits that don’t give me the option to toggle as ‘repeating payments’. Is this a bug or am I missing something obvious?

The best example is two separate MBNA direct debits, one of which is a repeating payment and the other, which does NOT have this option.


For mine, I had to go to the last payment in my main feed and toggle “repeating subscription”, it wouldn’t let me do it from the actual direct debit page.


Oh wow. That worked. Thanks. That’s surely a bug.

Yeah, you would think so, it’s not obvious and it makes more sense to do it from the direct debit page

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Thanks for that! Was annoying me that my bills pot kept saying only £x to pay but I know there was much more coming…