Repeating Payments under Subscription


I’ve had a look online, but can’t seem to find anything that gives a clear straight answer.

I’m currently going through my account and updating some standing orders when I noticed an option called “Repeating payment” which is under the “Subscription” heading when you click on a payment from the main page.

When I activate that option, the payment goes to the “Scheduled” tab and is under “Subscriptions & Direct Debits”, which is fine, but does this just predict that payment each month as it’s something I pay each month at random times manually without an automatic payment going out. It looks like a payment would be taken automatically and I just want to be able to see a prediction of all my bills and only SO and DD are auto, whilst other payments I add just predict outgoings if that what it does?

I may not be seeing it clearly, but want to ensure it won’t cause problems later if I leave it.

once you add a payment to subscription, it will always predict it on upcoming payments every month, week, etc regardless if it comes out or not


Thanks. So it just predicts the payment which is very helpful, but it won’t process any payment unless it’s a SO or DD?

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