How to open a Monzo account

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Can you elaborate on the verification process please?

Is this automated or manual and how long does it normally take? I’ve seen a few topics (another created today) on here with people asking this so it would be nice to know so we can help :slight_smile:

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What was the update on this blog post, 22 Sep 2020, or was that just done to bring the blog back to the top of the blog list?

I notice the blog states that “Credit card statements and other personal documents should be kept for 6 years. This is as far as HMRC can ask you to go back if you’re being investigated for tax purposes.

Yet goes on to say, “After one year, it is safe to shred and discard bank statements.

Does this advice not conflict?

One could argue that a bank statement is a personal document.

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Good luck getting an answer - I’ve been waiting over a year for mine and still haven’t got one :sweat_smile:

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It’s a bit of both - if it can’t be verified automatically then it’s manually reviewed.

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Personal position only, but before everything went electronic this year for us (fortuitous timing) I kept all my paper monthly salary slips for the year until I got my P60, at which point I scanned them into Google Driver and shredded them

Seemed a reasonable balance

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hi I want meck the card I still waiting for 5 days what happen me name is maria roxana radulescu

you’re waiting 5 days for your card or the verification? if it’s just the card, you can add it to Apple Pay/Google Pay without needing the physical card and use it to pay for things

Am i able to sign up with a proof of age citizen card?